I'm NEVER coming back! See you tomorrow! Vent thread

lol this is one of the most epic vents… no context whatsoever, just letting it out

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I’m so glad I found this thread.

I made 30+ summons this month between Atlantis (where I had to buy gems since SGG made us the favor of NOT TELLING US they would change the schedule) and Aavalon, and all I got was food, what is wrong with these people???


That’s it. Vented.

Thank you.


What the hell have I done to the god of RNG that he is doing this to me? Since yesterday I can barely win a raid. I take down the tank plus another one and then no more tiles in the color i need appear… And the 3 enemies left take down my whole team!

I just played a match with a 4-1 green team. This is how the board looked like after a long cascade (that had barely any green combos in it):

And his been like this 90% of the last 20-25 raids I did. Worst streak I ever had…

You lack of punch heroes to win those raid.

Margaret, aegir, and buddy are defensive heroes.

Try to exclude margaret and change with attack heroes then u will increase the chance to win the raid without too much depending on tiles

I know Margeret sucks, but her tile damage is great. All other attack heroes I have are 4* and slow (and well… there is gobbler). I really don’t think Little John or Skittleskull do better than her. They are too slow and have even less stamina. At the moment, my green team is still the weakest.

Anyway, I just needed to vent. It was about the board. It also happened to with my blue and my red team, which are much stronger. No tiles in my color, I make a diamond in another color to clear the board, enemies mana loaded, still not the color I needed on the board… That just happend awkardly often the last raids. But venting helped. The raids afterwards went much better :wink:


Hi What you do with this valor path is not ok, you manage to make player from aliance to migrate to other aliance to Chase titan witch is very, very unplasent and enoig, please remove this unnecessary ads or I think you will lose player for good, hopefully you will understand this and you will remove this hunting of titan from path valor we leaders from aliances fight hard to stop this migration of player but with this kide of bull shitt is impossyble, stoped till is not to late

Welp… I’ve been getting some great pulls over the past month. I’ve been leveling at a steady pace, but I’ve also noticed a huge decline in finding ascension materials. So… umm… I’ll be out soon. The few that I have left are already designated to a hero that I’m working on. It looks like I’m going to get to the point where I won’t have even enough 3 star level ascension mats to max a 4 star hero…

I guess this becomes inevitable? I enjoy the alliance wars and I’ll raid to open the hero chests that are underwhelming… the monster chests are also extremely underwhelming in terms of ascension materials. The color monster chests for 150 mobs of a color are sweet, but very rare. I was on a decent roll with finding ascension mats for awhile… mostly Titan victories, Titan chests and war chests… but that’s pretty much completely dried up for the last maybe 2-3 months?

I mean If hero advancements are few and far between because I’m waiting for materials to advance the heroes that I have, I not sure what’s left to motivate… would I be happy to get new heroes? Nope, because I can’t do anything with them…

Hmmmmm seems like I’m driving pretty fast into a brick wall that could potentially result in an uninstall.

Am I missing places to look for ascension mats? Heh


You and a lot of other people…
Same complaint over and over again… People leave… More come in they leave also… slowly the game participants shrink,… Actual players that actually play.


Margaret is actually damn good. Littly John does suck. Skittles has his place.

I think Skittles might actually be a “she.”

I mean, if you were a guy, would you be caught dead wearing this?


I’ve seen some costumes for Mardi gras that put that to shame

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Omg it’s Catlin Jenner


Definitely rigged not just the raids either but especially the raids, I have spent a lot of money on this game for it to be rigged this is ridiculous I am done with this game!!! You think they would at least set it up fair but they don’t.

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Bye. See you next month when you come to complain again



So nobody wins raids or has a winning streak longer than 1?(positive my highest streak is 41 which would be impossible if raids were rigged, lol people crack me up)


Blame @Rigs. He “rigs” the game boards and then comes on here to laugh at everyone afterwards. What a jerk


Let’s not wake the sleeping giant. Lmao

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RNG in the morning deciding who gets to lose all of their raids for the day…



Couldn’t help myself. The door to that joke was left WIDE open lol


Well, let’s see what happened over the past hour:

  • Got roasted for 20 total points in three attempts against the same team in the last half of the war. Nothing lifts your self-esteem more than seeing three 5*-rich teams systematically dismantled by an all 4* Defense.

  • 11 Individual Valhalla pulls followed by a 10-pull were sort of underwhelming. Not one 5* or HOTM out of 33 total pulls this Valhalla. I guess I sort of hoped? Oh, well. I know the odds aren’t good. Especially for ugly people like me.

  • Raids? Blistered in 4 of 6 attempts. That’s not unusual but still disappointing. Failed to take out a single hero for the Chest in those four losses basically wasting 4 Raid Energy. At least I have more clarity on what defensive arrangements I don’t stand a snowball’s chance in Hell against.

  • Three consecutive Titan hits on a 7* Queen Harpy stacking 3-2 Holy-Ice with Miki (3/70) and Grimm+20 with Neith (4/80), Hu Tao+11, and Chao (4/70) all going for less than 15,000 points of damage each for my worst string of consecutive Titan attacks in more than 6 months…F…M…L!!

But, going back to the sh!tshow that occurred in those final three war attacks, I now covet Wilbur more than ever and am tempted to ascend Cyprian up to the 4th tier. Certainly leveling Kiril now. You would’ve thought this was a Field Aid war in which I would’ve never touched this opponent, BUT now I know that I am completely and totally uncompetitive in ANY war battle regardless of war buff when facing a team with this much healing and buffs…


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