I'm NEVER coming back! See you tomorrow! Vent thread

I agree!! BUT…try farmin wow in the old days for that 1 piece that gave you “the best” set bonus when you needed 40 players online at same time when internet sucked.

Trust me SG arent giving it away but ive played for 15 days…drop rate sorta sux but only spent $60 but have 2 almost maxed level 3’s and 3 getting there level 4’s.

I spent 5k on wow easy from inception plus over 1000 days played in 6 years…100 plus chars. You do the maths…1000 days x lets say $300 per day lost…hahah

This game lacks a challenge but is addictive…just watch the $$$ and find fun in the little things.

BACK TO VENTING…SG fix the gem buy in rates for food and iron…plus the 75 to continue is BS seriously. As per below.

Buy in should be 10 max. Will get 100 times the participation rate (once again do the maths)

Buy half food or iron should be 60/120. Participation would be at least 10 times current.

Sort that out i might be tempted to buy more. For now VIP is good enough…

Last but not least give me atlantis geez…15 dqys and ha ent seen ot…lol

Vent over !! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


ummm, sorry to be off topic, but you do realize that you can’t use Epic Hero Tokens in the Atlantis Summons… don’t you?


Sorry for venting here… but… really suc* when you pay a lot of money and time to make x10 or x30 summoning and come only 3 stars or 2 heroes of 4* stars.

All of you who is administrating this game shoul make some system to guarantee 4* or 5* heroes every someone is summoning x10 or x30…
one of my friend made x30 and summoned only ONE!!! 4* heroes… really??
do you think making poor probability to summon 4* and 5* (specially during event period) would be profitable for you? My friend said to stop spending more money and time on this game…
probably more people are thinking like him.
Let us spend money with guarantee…

thanks… -_-

It’s great that you started a new thread to voice these complaints. I’ve never heard of anyone feeling like this before. You’re definitely the first.


This is so crap! The most worst game for me. How much time need to spend 300 games or atlant. coins to get better heroes??? Got 2 of tham with 4 stars! Think will left sun!

How do you start a topic?

How do you get ahold of someone who can explain why I spend lots of money on this game but get garbage in return? How can i get convinced these developers aren’t scam artists? I spent 600 gems for ascension items for yellow heros and didn’t get anything for ascending. Only got practice swords and backpacks and garbage. Every 10 pull comes with 3* heros and a repeat 4* or 2. Every chest I open has nothing for ascending in it. This game has gone to the birds and if I don’t get a reply on why I should waste hundreds of dollars on this game without hettimg anything in return, them I’m going to delete the app and never return.


Please have a read-through of What exactly is a Gacha? (Read before posting things about "unfair pulls")

This game can be played effectively with little to no spending. Top 100 is completely achievable (albeit briefly given the churn) without spending anything. Money shortens the timescale. This isva slow-moving game, with progress measured in quarters, not days or weeks.


So your answer is “yes”, the developers are scam artists. Thanks. I won’t spend another penny on this garbage of a game.


If you take a look at any purchase or summons you are considering making, you will see a little “i” in the corner.

Clicking on this will show you the probabilities of getting each kind of thing on offer:

The draw probabilities are low for many desirable items and heroes. But they are published, so you can know what your chances are before you choose to spend anything.

You may decide it’s a bad deal and choose not to spend on a particular offer. But it certainly isn’t a scam. The probabilities work as advertised.

As Kerridoc said above, many people successfully play this game without spending any money on it. If you don’t feel the summons and item packs offer good value, I’d encourage you to try playing Free 2 Play for a while.


If I spend $100 on a game I expect to get something. The fact that I got absolutely nothing makes me angry. I will not spend another penny on this suckers game.


And all the deals are scams. The heros and troops they show fully ascended are not leveled up at all. Which is false advertisement. Worst money game out there. Do not play this game! Also they cheat on raids and alliance war. Every other day they make the raids difficult and impossible to win. The wars they make it impossible to beat with adding health to your opponents team every other turn so they won’t die.

Which I can’t figure out why they don’t want you to get trophies. They don’t do anything but sit there and look pretty. And someome has to win the war, so why make it harder?

It’s like the developers want you to quit and not play thier game. Why do they want everyone mad? Aren’t games suppose to be fun?


They also point this out when you look at any of the hero or troop cards. They all have a message below them warning you of this:

This is a game that rewards patience and skill. No one is good at it overnight.

It takes time to acquire heroes, time to ascend them, and time to learn how to use them to best effect. You can spend money to get heroes faster and ascension materials faster, but there’s only so fast you can go.

There’s lots of very good advice on this forum about how to build teams, how to become successful at raids, and good strategies for Alliance Wars.

I’d encourage you to stay awhile and learn about the game. I sucked at raids when I was starting out. Now, I can beat much stronger opponents 70% of the time.

I’m confident that with some time and effort, you’ll get there too.


Please not here.
This topic is for some one who does have problem with this very forum it self nothing else of other subjects.
Unless you have that.
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If you still can post I recommend you to get to the top of this thread and read how to then post in other threads.
@Kerridoc @zephyr1 I think posts about unfair pulls don’t belong here. Would you guys help with em :slight_smile:


Thanks @Jedon, I moved the discussion to a more topically relevant spot that’s not about how to use the forum software. :heart_decoration:


Perfect thread to move to !
Nice bro you are sharp :smiley:

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It seems to me you should spend some time reading in the forum, as you apparently think spending some money will automatically let you win in this game. This is not the way the game works.
Ranting on the forums is only going to help if you just want to vent. Mudslinging will get you nowhere. Accusing the developers of scam and cheating just shows that you did not inform yourself of the odds beforehand.

@Garanwyn has given you plenty of sound advice. If you want to get better at Empires, I suggest you follow it.

However, if you find this game is not to your liking, that is okay, there are plenty of other games out there. Feel free to find one more to your liking.


I spent $100 on lottery tickets and I didn’t win the lottery! I’m so mad! This must be someone else’s fault!


This isn’t the lottery. The lottery is for idiots who are bad at map. I’m playing a game and trying to get a team going that will win. It says these players are available if you summon them. They are lying to you. They only sell you 3* and occasionally a 4* or 5* when you spend $100. It costs you $1000 dollars for a team of 5* and you only get the players they decide to put in for you. But $1000 isnt enough because they give you C grade heros first. So you have to keep spending and spending and when you finally get what you want, then it will take a few years to level them up. But they dont care, they make you battle players that have already waited 3 years and thier heros are already leveled so they take your trophies from you while you sleep.


Field aid sucks!

Twenty times!

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