I'm NEVER coming back! See you tomorrow! Vent thread

use 5 bombs, axes, and arrows mana potion. shoot all battle iteams when you get to the bosses

Here goes my vent: Challenge coin drop. Last event when it was introduced, I had a challenge coin drop after, let’s say, every third stage completed. Right now, I have completed all the stages on all levels, and some more repeated, for exactly TWO challenge coins. Ridiculous. Struggle to trust that the drop hasn’t been adjusted down.

I feel the same way, @Coralline, in Avalon I faced several suspicious chests (6 only in Rare tier) and have only seen 3 chests so far in all tiers of this Pirates event…

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I only had two suspicious chests thru all of Avalon, including farming about 50-60 rounds.

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Bad combos galore. Serenity now! :stuck_out_tongue:

My pulls suck

I’ve been pulling b.s. hero’s lately. What the hell does it take to pull a 5* hero? Training at level 20 blows as well, All 3* b.s. hero’s and one 4* (skittleskull) I personally hate that stupid whitch. Been training at level 20 for a while (2 months) Ridiculous! I’ve been playing e&p since last year of November so far only gotten three 5*. I’m at level 41. Makes me very […] angry when some […] at level 35 has a loaded fully ascended 5* squad. I’ve put in so many time and effort playing this game. Yet, still playing with 4* b.s. hero’s on my squad. How […] am I supposed to compete with […]? […] bogus […] game ■■■■■■ me off sometimes… I’m sorry. Just very […] upset with this games b.s.

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I see you do not fully understand what RNG nor statistics are?..no one is forcing you to play really. If you are looking for some justification, pat on the back or a programmer to just give you a 5*, I think you’re out of luck. Hope you find some resolution for whatever it is you are exactly seeking. The best to you!

I actually enjoy playing this game, try my best to win.! You’re right. No one is forcing me to play. I choose too play. I also spread the word to friends who MIGHT enjoy playing this game. So far, they all said pretty much the same. b.s. why am I gonna give up now.? I respect my alliance. Participate in every war since I’ve started. Kill most of Titans we go against. What more stats do you need to hear? Pretty much done it all. My time is valuable. Most of it goes to this game cause in my head I think it’s always gonna be next time (pulls). According to you it’s about stats and other b.s. please friend! Smh. You and I know it’s all about that green Dollars or euros/quid or whichever kind of currency you pay with… like I said. Bogus b.s. game sometimes.

You have to consistently run TC20, you will get 5 stars eventually. I have done 138 pulls till now, I got 106x 3 stars, 24x 4 stars and 8x 5 stars. And ofcourse you have to rely on some lucky pulls with whatever gems you save, AC, CEC and EHTs. Patience and consistency is the only key. :slight_smile:


boooo. I987MP frustration valid. BOOO MST3000!



Can FIFA Ultimate team players participate

@zephyr1 I came here thinking this to be a joke thread only to find that it’s your closet collection of angry customers…

Sometimes I can’t tell if the real life anger or the fake rage is funnier :joy::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::sweat_smile:

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I’m sure you find it funny. In fact, I’m glad you do find it hilarious. Probably tearing up while laughing.! I DON’T. Kind of irritating reading you’re comments. The soliloquy that you spew makes people like me who actually TRY the best, makes an effort. Makes us try harder. Hope you had a good laugh Frenzied. Have a wonderful and blessed day. :unamused::unamused::unamused::pensive:

I certainly didn’t find your post funny. But the thread overall is otherwise generally hilarious

How long have you been playing? It took me 1 year to pull a 5*, I waited and waited and waited and waited so I obviously know your frustration

Patience and TC20 is the only main way for FTP

November of 2018. I was actually thinking of saying goodbye last night… training at level 20 non-stop is one of the things I’ve been doing. I save up gems for a nice pull each month. Nothing! The main thing that gets my goat is when other players at level 35-38 has a full set of 5* squad. I’m sure they paid up there way to have them. As for myself who actually plays the game. Earning. I guess small giant don’t pay attention to people like me.

Unfortunately they dont care about us, especially those who grind and dont pay

I nearly quit twice, once when I couldn’t pull a healer

Second time when they buffed Aegir after I DELIBERATELY chose to skip the chance to pull him in his pre buff state, I was furious because had the buff been made known I wouldn’t have bothered with Zimkitha. Didn’t mean I would have pulled him obviously but my choice would’ve been different

In the end you realise no one gives a flick about your misfortunes and you just have to get on with it

I find this thread funny because not only can I relate to it but some of the posts here are very unreasonable

We all get outraged by the injustice so the question is - what will we do about it?

Thank you for the advice Frenzied. I’m just gonna bite my lip and get on with the game. I know that sound’s naive on my end, But I’m not gonna let my alliance down. Or give up the lil bit of progress I’ve made. I’m at level 41 rn. Feels like I’m still at level 30 in a way.

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Patience will be rewarded, some take longer than others. Try going for 4x TC20S for starters

Peace my friend


GN Frenzied. Have a good one.!


Watch til the end