I'm NEVER coming back! See you tomorrow! Vent thread

That was a few titans ago, but thank you for the kind offer🙂


Clash of Knights is garbage and Valhalla pulls same . I’ll be back tomorrow !

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Teammates ‘missing’ the war.

3 hours into the war: * offline *
9 hours into the war: * still offline *
12 hours into the war with energy replenished: * have been online but still have placed no war attacks *
18 hours into the war: * offline again*
23 hours into the war: * still offline *
24 hours: war is over (and lost of course)
20 minutes after war has ended: “Ah damn, I missed the war? Sorry!”

That’s okay, you only had 24 hours :slight_smile:


and the timing too, coming online just after it ended :slight_smile:

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F Hanitra ! I’ll be back tomorrow

I want to leave message for future players since developers not listening ever the game cannot be more irritating and frustrating then ever i thought its impossible that bad to be even more bad also i know Zynga developers since java operating systems on mobiles most greedy and demanding money games in other words horrible screen its full with offers with money that are crazy 99.99$ thats insane in this economy plus on top of that everything its so hard irritating and frustrating to the core 0 Legendary heroes from TC with months not being able to Win Season 1 heroes gross event its so gross enemy bosses deal madness damage if we use special skill rage increase after 5 turns after 5? And cooldown after 2 turns why? Like that its not enough when we use items to. We spending all the resources we collected with months and spended on this event and what we got some rope to hang ourselves and some emblems and with some coins that i keep getting Graymane not even rare hero from the event not even rareeeee and the game to be even more irritating and frustrating the board its so rigged not to mention in Raid if someone pays some money its always wins i also calculated that is rigged in front certain players to win how Alfrike with very slow and armor troops activates Special Skills 3 times 3 times i repeat 3 times i with very fast heroes none also to heavy payers mana fills faster how will be balanced how new players will ever win single stage everything its so rip off demanding and greedy without control there is extreme new heroes and we cannot win from TC Season 1 heroes? If i win 2 in a row i must lost the third against totally lower team and you call that balance? Is this your way to tell me to give you money, well you not getting anymore money not now not ever if you don’t balance the game at least a little this game its over and new players my advice leave immediately! Literally and totally no pleasure and no fun anymore in this game only irritation and frustration which is proven to have negative effect on mental health on people and if someone tells you the truth eats ban immediately but you cannot ban all the comments can you since there is no positive ones!

Sorry about every player who is dissatisfied and leaves the game.
But you know punctuation? It would have helped me persevere and read all of your post.


My eyes are bleeding.


:joy::rofl: I gather you read the one paragraph post.


I didn’t read it. I just looked at it and my corneas instantly fell down.


My expectations, in most aspects of this game, were on life support for quite some time , with the exception , my expectation to be consistently disappointed .

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I have honestly seen a change in difficulty of titans or lack of tiles on boards , and the drop of materials like nuggets bones dust etc . It has been a big difference in titan boards . I’m actually really pissed about it . I’ll f /(kin be back


Sooooooooooo the elephant in the room here and the question EVERYONE wants answered is , WILL YOU BE BACK TOMORROW ???

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How is it possible for a player to be online constantly for 24 hours so I can’t revenge him/her (blue thing) and how did my mini alliance jump from 1* titans to 3* titans. Skipping 2*s completely.

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Re that titan jump : That happens.

Me in 2-man camp. Whenever we get a 5* rare, we wait with bated breath for the next titan. Will the next titan be 6 or 7*?

We have received both sizes and this is with both of us killing that rare slowly. Killing only after 04:00. Sometimes close to timer expiry.

We have encountered that for normal titans too. Titan* jumped from 4 to 6 when we kill that titan “too fast”. Dead Within 12 hours or more then 80% killed within first 12 hours.


Yeah it’s a bit mean though, literally hit first three 1s then bam 3s.

I’m just trying to save resources so I scored a whopping two points and skipped :blush:


Hi all! I struck it rich and so I’m back!! yay! Now i’m a “whale”


Welcome back! Happy Whaling!


tiny meaningless vent in the grand scheme of things, but

Ribit: 3/46, special skill 4/8
FiannaL 3/7, special skill 3/8

especially with 3*s, the special skill level ups just bring bad RNG sometimes. bah! I just want to finish maxing these heroes so I can move to the next… and yes, I know at 3/50 I can get a guaranteed special skill level up with enough feeders, but it’s still annoying…

ok rant over, back to playing :stuck_out_tongue:


I had a war attack today against a +20 Elena with no costume or costume bonus at tank. I had 3 dispellers on my team in 2 different colors and at various speeds. I lost and killed no one because her superior talent triggered 7 consecutive times and she was basically machine gunning her riposte more than I could dispel. 7 times she died and got a 50% mana boost.

That is ridiculous.