I'm NEVER coming back! See you tomorrow! Vent thread

If people don’t start ranting in this rant thread instead of other non-rant places then I’m quitting the game. Come on SGG sort this out.

In fact I blame @TGW for no other reason than I’m angry and want to tag someone

sorry all, I understand people get frustrated but couldn’t resist a little fun :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Last 3 colour chest and 4 war chests no 4 star item. Gotten the bonus item once of rare titan in a year and a half and I’m 95% the A+ hitter…it’s like this game is actively trying to get me to quit. I get it’s about money but maybe just maybe listen and try to keep people happy…

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Alright, alright. Rant request approved.

Man I’ve waited 3 months… 3 whole freaking months to pull something decent from a summon portal, something other than a freaking 3-4* vanilla feeder or - at best - a 3* Atlantis or Valhalla hero. :roll_eyes:

Finally get a “good” pull…? 5* HotM Noor! Freaking awesome, right? Except that according to the forum, she is the absolute worst HotM E&P ever released, if not the absolute WORST game character released by any game ever in the entire history of games.

Well then thanks a lot SG!!! Once again you have left me here with egg on my face. :rage:


@TGW ,I want to tag you for my ridiculous complain, if SG not fixed it at least hope u share your coffee to us incl @Cheds and @Math-Teacher.
Why in our alliance , we got more blue titan than others color, we make a track and the data won’t lie, that almost every one other color seem Blue titan will pop up to our face again and again.
The question is where the other color? Do they take a break for summer holidays or something ridiculous with % , only math teacher can explain the probability.

Cheer. Im quit now!!!
Till all my flag full again.


Math peoples are better at explaining the probabilities. Only explanation I can come up with is that RNG just likes to screw with people for fun.

And don’t worry, I believe you. I’ve seen RNG do some bizarre streaky things before (think we had something like 5 or 6 purple titans in a row once).


in 2 years it first time i didnt do the event beacousse naw i feel sick of this game even if i love it at the beggining.gest whait to grow on anader game what i start and i give all a advise quit all zinga game they dont give a peny on all the custumer soif you stop to pump money in the game the developers they gona take revenge on you and you gonna have part of bad bord’s all the time and your aliance as well is gonna sufer if they consider you didnt pump money for them

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Well, I lost a war against time - I was attacking with still three heroes with Kunchen and 2 5* vs only one hero, Vivica only. I thought I should win but I lost. That was pathetic!!

After red, today yes @Cheds and @Math-Teacher or maybe @Math4lyfe can explain why we got another 12* blue.
Blue Titan why you love us so much like this :upside_down_face:
@TGW, more coffee please.
1-12 /7/2020 normal color rotate as usual but after this seem blue color love us so much (hyperbolic action only for ridiculous complain :rofl:)
13 – 12* Blue
14-- 12* Green
15-- Pass
16-- 11* Blue
17-- 11* rare red
18-- 12* green
19-- 12* purple
20-- 12* blue
21-- pass
22–12* purple
23-- 12* blue
24-- 12* red
And today 25-- 12* blue

Will update this blue titan record in here till they are bore with us.
:coffee: time


Because we are jerks. That’s why.


Lol :rofl:
:clinking_glasses: :beer: :beers:
Lets make this titan drunk and miss all the hit and drunken Monkey not miss so often!

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What? You want them to reduce his miss rate to less than 100%? :joy:

Seriously though, people use snipers with Wu and that is just going to end in tears…


Protip: use snipers before Wu.


how to delete the account

First you unprotect all of your characters, take them off all raid, war, and tournament teams. then you feed all of your hero’s to your best 3* hero until you only have that one left (season 3 bee guy is popular).

Then you set him as your defense tank, talk crazy about how the game sucks in alliance chat, and quit the alliance.

Lastly, talk crap in General or AR chat till you get banned, and then throw your device as hard as you can till it breaks.

You have now completely quit, congrats!


I can tell you how to make that come about (almost). It’s a bad plan unless you have genuine issue. Now I could tell you how but then i may as well just just tell you to breach the “rules”. Dumpling and noodle!!!

Or when after summon after summon of legendary level in hopes of getting 4/5 stars to only keep getting 3 star heroes…

Get to the stage where you have 2 TC20’s and then select the summons portal you want to invest in and use your gems chasing down things you can’t farm.

This game is such a rip off u spend 25 hero’s and a large amount of resources to only get a 2 star hero’s when u should be getting 3 star hero’s. I’m about done with the game. They have ur back against the wall. U only get 28 hp every day and it takes 7 for each board. It’s getting pretty crappy I’m done spending it’s a waste of money and time.

No clue what you’re talkin about

Ohhh, training camp 10? I forgot that exists. If you want 3* heroes, get TC12 or 13. (13 ideally for a chance at 4s).


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