I'm NEVER coming back! See you tomorrow! Vent thread

I thought that was part of the comedy…I hope…

Well I can’t recall seeing a solid blue board, although that would be an impressive sight.

I’m pretty sure this thread is for serious complaints though…


I figured it was for venting your frustrations when you feel like rage quitting (but don’t want to quit playing). Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether the venting is serious or not.

I meant a Shakespearean comedy, where there is great sadness, but the ending is happy. :smile:


As @nevarmaor said, titans have no impact on War Score.

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Hi @zephyr1
Actually, no!

Im not complaining for real. Sorry if it came out like that.
It made me laugh when i lost first time and thought “Ill teach you, right…”
Then lost again!
So, i had to beat the team after that. But, no,they took my cups again.

Most of us usually raid against much stronger teams, so was ironic to be beaten by a team 200 less than mine. 3 times!


@MaralynManson Apparently your satire came too close to the real thing. :laughing:


True that. And I have been there as well, lost 3 times to a team 300tp less than mine, and even stacked against it. Painful to lost 100 cups that way.

“I hate you RNG gods!”

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the war score is based on overall alliance performance and if you miss a titan the war score goes down because the alliance performance went down.

We’ve lost the last two wars and our war score has Not gone down and our matches have been way beyond us.

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I feel the same. Especially when I’m trying to revenge a raid. I know the defending team earns Mana every turn, but I never get enough f***ing matches to make my team good enough to fight back. Why is Colen able to fire off his ability TWICE before I can get Sonya to fire once?! Or Lianna?! They’re both fast Mana builders, but I can’t get enough stone matches to make them battle worthy. It’s bullshit. I shouldn’t be essentially FORCED to pay to win. I don’t want to spend hard earned money just to try to ascend a character. 4 sturdy shields to get to Lianna’s final ascension? Small Giant needs to have these things drop a bit more often. It’s not worthwhile if it takes me a f***ing year to fully ascend a higher level hero.

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I suggest you take screenshots of your war score just after the match up and again after your victory or defeat. If your war score doesn’t change - taking into account anyone joining or leaving your alliance - then you may want to put in a support ticket.

I takes these screenshots each time and the war score is adjusted immediately after the war. If yours doesn’t, you may have a bug!


Will check into that but we did log war score while match up is happening and right when the war ends. Maybe we have a bug

Everything I’ve read indicates that is past performance in Alliance Wars. It was added to the matchmaking calculation Sept 25:

That was also when they added top troops into the calculation. Prior to that it was only the top 30 heroes of each participant, with added weight to top 5.

There are places here (which I can’t track down right now) where devs have stated titan and raid scores have no bearing on AW score.

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Past performance of the alliance in war. Titans are irrelevant to war score.


We lost a war not long ago where our war score went up more than our opponents’ did from beginning to end of war. I suspect it was related to leveling up of heroes during the war.


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And leveling…in an active 30 person alliance people leveling from matchup to end of war will have more impact on war score than the bonus/penalty for a win

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so We lost the war our war score went
down to —277724
Picture 1# shows the time 1:51PM today i took it myself.

Now Picture 2# taking 2 minutes later by me.
No one from my alliance was on other than me. Was taken less than 2 mins later from picture #1 and War score went
up to — 284270

Picture #3 Shows war score before war started from friday and it was 280808

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