I'm NEVER coming back! See you tomorrow! Vent thread

Judgment free lol. The devs are nerfing the game and this is where we get sent for seeing it. Im not frustrated or venting. Just calling it like i see it. Ive been reduced to buring flags with loot tickets and hitting titans between war. Im not frustrated at all. Just done

I don’t know if it was just me but the 150 elemental monster chest no longer giving epic token. It was replaced with 3 daily token instead…lol.

Congratulations to the game that is getting worse every day. now even to carry the mana of the heroes in the raids is slower. game is slow slow for everything even the epic summoning is boring. please release the updates or you have lost many dissatisfied customers. but nothing is slower than upar the troops. do not cover by battles and make us happy.

Is it too much to ask for Kunchen? Not everyone can afford thousands of dollars to get Kunchen. If this game continue like this with rhe BS ratio thing, then no regrets for quitting.

Love the idea! You know I’ve always found it curious and rather peculiar that people immediately rush to defend the game. It’s like you insulted their mothers or something. And it’s not even the devs, who I would understand being upset with someone trashing the game they made, it’s just high-level players whose genius advice often boils down to p(l)ay more.


Of course, it is. It’s war.

This. A thousand times this. No matter how much you upgrade your team/ get better heroes the game continuously and systematically puts you in very hard, next to impossible to win situations. I don’t even care for the trophies, I just want to fill the 40 heroes chest. But losing 4/ 6 raids because of crap matchmaking, followed swiftly by crap boards can sometimes get irritating.

No idea what that even means. Lately, I’ve become rather irritated with abbreviations, lingo, jargon or whatever you want to call it. English is not my first language, but I think I understand it pretty well. And then I started visiting forums and it seems each forum/ reddit has some kind of secret code I need to learn all over. And feel like a dunderhead while asking what it means.

Want to know something funny? I would actually pay around 15- 20 euros for the game if it was a single purchase. But I am strictly opposed to this “games as service” mentality. I remember a more civilised age in the late '90s/ early '00s. An age of elegant games, not as clumsy or random as luck. You go to the shop, pay cash, put CD in PC- you play game. Now it’s all pay, pay, PAY! And you need bloatware like uplay, origin, steam, gog to even play your games. And then there are unoptimised/ unfinished games that are buggy messes. And DLC. Tons of DLC.

Like I care. People always leave.

Funny you should mention that actually. I recently found a very interesting presentation by a Swedish professor about how fewer people are living in poverty than ever before. If for some reason you find it interesting there is also a 20 minute Ted talk on youtube.


This might help:


Just venting about frozen boards and being in a funk! 12 straight loses in raids. Only took down 12 heroes. 12 in 12. Didn’t even get chest to open. Which, while one the topic, have supremely sucked lately. I have not gotten one of the five main ascension items since DECEMBER out of a chest. Got more from the mystery thingy. The chests have been terrible for me. Back to the topic. Wars have been better but I haven’t have a raid wave like this ever. Out of pure frustration I raided someone 300+ points lower and lost. Not a single combo and not one special going off when 4 of their heroes went off. I did manage to kill thier tank before grave cleaned my clock. Just venting, no need to blast me for being entitled. Uber frustrated as I had just gotten to platinum level!

we spend our time for game. Most of players spend money for you but i have only play and i have not money. When i gain epic hero token you gave me 3* hero also i had two same this game. İf you didnot give me epic hero token why you gave me epic hero token?

Getting sick in raids, getting such a big difference in trophies offered for teams tht are the same strength, then thrs the ussue with at times having too click on a hero 3 upto 20 times to use a special, and when other team hero has nxt to no colour left on thr hp, you can hit them with 2 or 3 special attacks and no damage, or a 10/12 hit combo dnt do any damage on the hero tht has nxt too no hp, given the money you make off people, why can’t you fix the raids and war system like most complaints are about, then thrs the 5 crashes in 3wks, and all thts been done is have too contact you directly too sort the issue

That’s what I’m wondering about the board it seems to be favoritism of the game not like in Vegas will you get a roll is a roll these colors seem to come up so you cannot beat. The levels you’re on without trying to spend a week there shouldn’t this board be more of a gamble like gambling so say. It seems lots of people say things about the tiles but nothing is being done about it or looked into about it?

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Today, it has been 2 months of running at least 2 TC20, so far I didn’t get any 5* hero in this time.
In the last 4 months I got only 1 hero 5*.
I am around minimum 220 pulls on Tc20 and only have received 6 heroes 5* which 3 are worth it.

So honestly with my luck, I am just gonna do the springvale event, wich I couldn’t finish last year and I will just do something else. I don’t know how I can improve my game in a decent time if my Tcs don’t cooperate.
And paying isn’t worth it for me seeing my luck above…

So this is a bit frustrating, but it is what it is, see you tomorrow… And one day, there will be no more tomorrow :grin:

Have a great day everyone

There have been couple of months since my last damascus , last one was literaly in february on the 6th if i m not mistaken from the quest , it never took so long to drop one , so i m fuming my heroes are still waiting :frowning:image

Ok. Ive had enough. Thats it. Im sick and tired of revenge raiding against weaker teams and losing.

This is simply not right. Definately a bug or the boards are fixed. I have a team on my revenge list whom i have raided 3 times. AND LOST.

The boards on every raid were fixed. Their heroes powers were enhanced and the system broken.

SG, please fix this immediately or lose thousands of players from the game.

I wrote this here because there are so many complaints about raiding…i found it ironic that I lost against a weaker team- 3 times! Lol. Be cause we all have to raid (and beat) teams with stronger TP than our own. I will improve my ridiculous complaints from this point on. My apologies for any confusion.


@Kerridoc @Zephyr1 @Rook I’m 99% certain we need a split here

Perhaps this proposal?


@MaralynManson You seem to have stumbled into the aggregate joke thread, The Ridiculous Complaints thread, with what appears to be an actual frustration, so I’ve moved you over to the actual aggregate frustration thread.

If you’d like some suggestions on Raids, you can ask here or make a new thread in #gameplay-help-tactics. And if you just want to vent about it here, that’s fine too, you’re in good company. :slight_smile:


4 purple titans in 7 days. Knowing we lose in war but continues to give us purple titans because we can defeat them quickly to keep our war score high enough to be matched in war with other alliances that are way above us :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming: and rip us to shreds in war SMH​:woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming: and than the titan loot is always junk as well as titan chest, monster chest loot,raid diamond loot & the rare element loot I got last week!

What the heck is going on with the game :roll_eyes:

Five raids in a row with no green hero, but walls of green tiles from start to finish. Now I’m about to take in green heroes regardless of the tank color, anyone want to guess what the boards will look like?


Umm, you are aware that titan success has no effect on war score, right?

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Been there. Raided with 3-2 Red-Green got all blue tiles and lost. Tried again and changed to Red-Blue. Guess what? All green tiles. Managed to squeak the win this time though.

… when I say all I mean quite a few and very little of the ones I wanted …


I thought that was part of the comedy…I hope…

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