I'm NEVER coming back! See you tomorrow! Vent thread


Often we see these vent threads about all that is wrong in the world of E&P.

The poster comes out swinging, people rush to defend, names get called, flags get thrown. More often than not the poster just wants to get something off their chest. Do it here.

This thread is for the frustrated, the vents, the unfair, the outrage, or any other emotion DMX might describe in a song.

No defense here. No cheerleaders. Say your part. Keep it here. No new threads. Scream! Get it out. You have a voice. You’re not the only one that thinks this way.

War is unfair.
Matchmaking sucks.
No AMs.
How much for what?!
People are leaving
The rich get richer
and so on.

And when the vent is out, come back to the other threads and participate with a community that enjoys the discussion.

I really hate this "probability" summoning heroes
NOT HAPPY with this game
They are ruining the game
Weste games fir nothing

Love this idea! Sometimes just have to spew out all the negative to feel better.
I wish folks would say when they were leaving. I hate when people just jump ship with out a word. And people who swear they want to hit “big titans” but then whine when they see their first 10*, then leave. Say they do war, but then leave 4 flags (or worse all 6) without a heads up. And then tell you they just didn’t feel like playing that day…(but they are dedicated daily active players!)
I feel better!
Good luck all!


Doubt that those will find and/or use this topic…

They sign, hit new and scream.


Then we merge!

Twenty mergings.


Then they scream that one gets censored here :rofl:


Let’s make this a judge free zone.


I like the idea of a safe zone for venting. We teach our kids to scream into a pillow or other form of venting, why not have a place where adults can do it as well.

How do you pin it so it is easily accessed?


I’ll start it off. Get tired of hearing the sad sacks snivel they didn’t get anything in 5 million pulls, no drops, losing cups etc, for f-sakes it’s a game and yeah it’s designed for you to spend a little money. Nothing’s for free… but this should be? At the minimum $7/month for vip pass is worth it.


Appreciate the enthusiasm, but thread should be about game frustrations, not people frustrations.

The RCT is where we get to poke fun at human nuances (and robots).


I’m frustrated on not really knowing where to vent. Lol


I am addicted to Empires & Puzzles and is all your fault Small Giant! I sold everything I own including my dogs!
I am ruined and is all your fault! I should have never clicked on that amazing and addicting looking add in the airport!

I hate you Small Giant.

/me breath hard and gasps for air…

Ok done… Let me go and get my E&P fix… BRB.


Ok done… Got my RAID FIX!
So yea. I hate you but I love you Small Giant… What a dilemma.


Alright!! A vent zone. Awesome idea


Don’t read the posts that are obviously whining? I find it rather simple to only read what is useful. Seems that there is a lot of suckers for punishment out there. Just saying… Don’t like the netflix show that you’re watching, do you keep watching and complain, or change it to something else.


Guy’s is only a Game, unfortunately the game drive you crazy sometimes specially morning times when you wake up and check out how is things in game and you discover 200 less trophy maybe more maybe less,then indeed war between alliance make us to feel stressed more than should be. I play this game 4 months and be honest the game supposed to be relaxing time but is absolutely crazy to play in game and very hard to control yourself. I spend some money in to the game but I don’t think so I’m going to play longer because life is more important than a game witch make you stress and nervous about all time




I am really sick and tired of this…REALLY!
I don’t understand this “game” anymore, this kind of neverending frustration in which no matter what I plan and think, everything is often override by pointless chance and luck.
I am playing for about 18 months and have 125 heroes, but (regardless of the money, time or strategies I spent…and I have spent a lot!) it’s like I am swimming in the sand…How the bloody hell could I feel like I am really playing a GAME (with rules!!! It is named GAME, so it has to has rules!) if everything I see and feel is LUCK, LUCK, LUCK!!! Purple titan, 2 yellow stones on the table…I made a red and a blue diamond and after those…still no yellow stones. And this was not a single case, it has keep repeating…I understand that it is not supposed to be easy, but it exceeds any limit of rational and common sense…I don’t feel like I am important in arranging the teams and choosing the heroes…
I just have read some posts here about optimistic and positive atitutide…but I don’t find those feelings in me anymore, the game became just a pain in the a**, a nightmare, a calvary, a burden, a daily torment…
I also understand the idea of making money, but…everything should have a limit. And this night I had a revelation: it is not about me or other frustrated and disappointed players, it is jusy about SG limits…sorry, guys, but you cannot give us a GAME, a real game…you were close to it, you had it coming, but it has overcome you…you are really too…SMALL.

“Good day gentlemen and until that day comes, keep your ear to the grindstone.”

Sick of this cheating game

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Thanks, I moved it here since it was added on a random very old post that had no recent activity. :heart_decoration:


It’s not fun like this.
Give me a troll.