I'm missing a house

Hello Today my Castle is finished in Level 20. I realized that I have only 3 houses.I did not convert a House to a cashier but a forge Level 5,when I convert the cash I have 5 forge.All other buildings I have as it one should.

This is the first time I’ve actually seen someone with the incorrect amount of buildings! You should only have 4 forges, not 5.

It might be just a visual error? Can all 5 forges produce items? Or does one of them act like a House when you click it.

@Petri This looks legitimate


Have it tested, can work with all forging can only be a mistake, I hope

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Please submit a ticket, so we can investigate this further.

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Yesterday I did, but had a wrong ID described…hab it in a comment should be enough, right?
New reguests are directly marked as solved!

Thank you for taking the Time


If you have just finished leveling your stronghold to level 20, you should have access to 4 new building sites… have you used all of them already?

Support and I are working on the problem

@petri Do you think the problem can be solved … what do you think?

Bug was fixed thank you SG am happy again nice day