I'm Looking for something more competitive

Hi!! Check out the 7 days family of alliances!!

We have a family of 6 competitive top 100 alliances with one “up and coming” training alliance!

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Sounds like a perfect fit for us., The 7empest. We take war seriously, boot if all flags not used. But we are a friendly chatty alliance. Check us out!

Hey @murph393, if you are looking for a permanent home with an alliance that will help you push your gameplay to the next level, then Phoenix Empire would be happy to have you join their ranks.

We are currently on waitlist, however there are spots available within our alliance family until a vacancy opens.
We all use Line mostly to coordinate and share resources between our 5 families, so if you have a chance to get Line, that would be highly beneficial in tapping into the wealth of knowledge available there.

If joining the Phoenixes on a waitlist is something you’d consider, please search for Knights of the Phoenix in game and request a join.

Thanks @Sarah2 :kiwi_fruit: & @Homaclese for the shout out !

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Check out Mighty Insurrectionists. Use discord, mostly 14* titans, war is chatty and good coordination.

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Like @Guvnor said, seven days could be a great fit. Please check us out and feel free to reach out. I can help connect you to the right alliance.

Check us out on our discord channel. There are lots of free resources there and friendly people to help you.


Join the Seven Days Gaming Discord Server!

Check out the Seven Days Gaming community on Discord - hang out with 2,651 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.


Sweet, i jumped in there. I see there is an application. I am not sure which alliance to choose though…should i just pick any?

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Hmm, maybe I can look you up instead if I have your id?

@murph393, contact me in line

If you’re still looking please give Crew Raiders a try, you can look me up in Line.

We are a competitive bunch of folks looking for like-minded individuals. Come give us a look, come visit, stay awhile. Hope to see you there!

Alliance : Silent Implosion
Line ID : Toya_76

Okay…we are chatty and use line…often go off topic with inappropriate memes but still offer or give advice to those that need it
War - If you log in all war flags are used
Titans- occasionally have to Nerf one
We are competitive but still like to have fun and RL comes first
We are an adult only Family and don’t like the term Alliance because we work together
Turn over - not so bad but not everyone fits so it is what it is…have more people stay then go
PARADOX SHOP- ROOM FOR 3- 12* Working up to 13*
Check us out

@murph393 if you’ve found your new home, perhaps you can tag a moderator to close your thread. Otherwise you’ll continue to be inundated with offers from hopeful recruiters.

Sorry…How do I do that?

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I made a line request.
Just wait a moment.

Tag @littleKAF or @Guvnor or raise a flag.
@moderators does not work as well :thinking:?!

I’ll help you out.

Please close this thread. @murph393 has found a new home. GL

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