I'm looking for an active 25+ ppl alliance. I'm 2200+ trophies, 4500bp main team

You can check us out. I’m in the paradox family and think you would be a great fit. We are adult themed, loud, brash, disgustingly weird but fun and game oriented team. Give us a trial run and see what you think. Line is highly recommended.

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We use Discord to communicate outside of the game and share resources/pictures etc.

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You can check out us
We run out of people and really need active guys

If you’re looking for something unique, please check out Forsaken Oasis

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I do not have 12 x 5stars maxed unfortunately. @princess1 . I think if i really wanted to i could but im just very conservative with my high ascension mats as they are hard to come by. I try to use them on heroes i wont have regrets about later on.


Hey, @Berry24!

Come check us out, we might be a good fit for you. :wink:
We are an international alliance of 24 members looking for more active players to join us.
Our rules are simple, attack all titans and use all your flags in war if opted in… currently we fight 10-11* titans.
We use Line and Discord for easier communication, but it’s optional.
More info about us here:

Moonshine Warriors Recruiting...5 spots available!

Looking forward to hear from you! :hugs:


Hello @Berry24

We’re at 17 players right now, growing together, fighting 10-11* titans and winning wars! Check us out, you can visit and stay for a war or two before deciding to move permanently. :slight_smile:

Guardians of the Fluff - 10* titans - War focus - 16 spots available

We’ll wait for you!

Hey Berry! We’re Deadly Souls, currently 27 members. We’re hitting 13* titans on average, were at 14* until we lost a couple members to real life, I have no doubt we can get there again once we fill back up! We are looking for consistency on titan hits and war flags used when opted in, that’s what we strive for ourselves. We have a coordinated tank war strategy for most wars. We do have a 2000 trophy entry requirement, it helps ensure we get active players. We’re primarily US, English speaking though our language is set to another. Some are quite chatty, others not so much, but we’re a friendly bunch. A lot of us have been together a while, so some friendly razzing takes place lol. Any need-to-know info is always shared in the featured message, and we have a line group we use as well, for communication and advice. Line is not mandatory, but encouraged. If you’d like to chat or have any questions, I can be reached at line id Aioluc, or you can contact our leader directly at line id natasmatejka.

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Northern Ice
26 members
Killing titans 9*-11*
English speaking
Communication via in game chat only

I am in this alliance which means I think the atmosphere is good and the players are active, but I don’t like pushing subjective propaganda.

Forgot Delusional…oh wait that is just me… anyways @Berry24… we are a great group

My alliance just merger with Loot hunters. They take there war seriously. There Have more than 25 members. They are a friendly bunch of looters. I at 4500, fit in easily with the group. I have not mastered killing level 11 titians yet. It is by invite but someone will let you in.

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Assassins Inc. 10star titans. all war flags used. Discord


Sorry Line. I don’t pay enough attention

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Crew-Raiders; 14* titans, war strategy, chatty and fun alliance, contact david_kick in Line.

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Ithilien Alliance, 9 - 10* titans, no rules for war except “use your flags”, old as the game it self, levels 20 to 80, but about 60 average, mostly c2p / f2p, friendly, english speacking, no rules, nondrama, no BS, just play for fun.

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Hi Berry 24. Please check out Yaba Daba Do Crew before making any decisions. We have a strong core of members who have been in the alliance for almost 2 years and this is reflected in their profiles. I mention this because it shows stability and a lack of drama. We have 2 line groups, one for fun and most of us use hero plan. We hit titans and use war flags although a few of our members have opted out.
Please come by anytime and stay for as long as you are happy.


Hi Berry24

My alliance is a bit under your requirement. We have just 23 members, mixture of new and experienced members.


Alliance name : ronin***
Leader : Fransis
Members: 23/30
Current Alliance score: 102969
Current member Level range: 8-75
Titan : 6 to 7 :star: and We use hapoons occasionally.
War strategy : NONE. Just use your strongest team and attack similar TP enemy. Do not waste your flags with too strong opponent. Use all flags.

Have a look if we are the place for you.


Just piping up to say I love the alliance name!


Lone Alaskans has a spot for you(four actually). We have 26 members currently and almost all of us have been together for 2-3 years. We look for reasons to keep members, not chase them away. We’re really laid back, but have plenty of chat if you wish to participate. We try to use all war flags every war. Participating in the wars is up to the individual player. We have one war team that is 4700+ team power, 3 that are 4600+, most are high 4500s, six that are below 4300. Because we use every flag every war we’re filling those war chests quite frequently.

We’re currently getting every 10* titan and we had to flask to get the last 11* Blue Rare one. But with a few more players we should be able to get those pesky 11* rares without flasking. Our alliance was ranked about 2500 on the last mythic titan.

Currently the name of the alliance is LoEN Alaskans to tribute our war enemies name. It will go back to Lone Alaskans after the war tomorrow. We have line and most members are on it, although it isn’t required. My line id is: turbolover22

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Hello Berry!

There’s 26 of us in Mountaineer WV, and from what you’re saying, that coule be a good fit. Active and competitive, yet friendly and casual international group of people. Would really enjoy to have 1 more dedicated player (actually 4, but step by step). If previous invitations did not work for whatever reason, we would be happy to get to know you better and see if it would be a good match. There’s Discord for off-game communication, and if you need more information about the alliance, you can find me on Line, id: Slobix

Have a good day and great gaming, cheers! :slight_smile:

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