I'm looking for Alliance with active players. 2300 trophies


I’m looking for Alliance with active players. 2300 trophies

I look for recommendations

I’m Brazilian, but I can translate any language


You would be very welcome in The Ruthless Warriors. We are very international but you’d be our first Brazillian!


Come join united one we are all active and we play every day. Come see for your self what an awesome team is really like. We will keep the light on for you. Hope to see you soon. Tell em cam sent you.


Come check us out at “…name pending…” Just merged with a very strong team and looking to fill the rest of the roster


Come to Moon & Star II or III we have League System and three alliances. First alliance is in top 20 and won his last 5 wars.


Pop in take a look The Walkers you will be so glad you did. Just try us for a day we on 9 titan


Sounds like we might be a good fit for you - our min cups is lower, but most of our players around where you are! East of the Equator. We have a post on here if you want all the info on us! Always welcome to ask any questions you may have too! Oh - & we have a new team member just joining us - he’s Brazilian too!
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We are a 5 Team Alliance…


Super Titan Warriors 2 is currently looking.

We are fighting 7 and 8* Titans right now, with projections looking at us possibly getting into 9* sometime in the next month. We make sure to set minimum target rates when attacking Titans, and we also keep track of performance statistics on each one.

Alliance Wars we require the absolute most teamwork. Most everybody looks for someone else to tag up with before attacking to ensure that we are getting the most we can out of our flags. We discourage anyone from playing loan ranger.

Activity/Participation is monitored. Anybody who misses three events in a week are subjected to dismissal. If you know you are going to miss any event, proper notification makes you exempt from this.

Line is strongly recommend to have as our communcation heavily relies on it.

We always provide each other with guidance when it comes to the game wether it be getting the most out of our lineups/teams, how to attack or what hero’s to work on lvling up.


Come join The Murderers’ Row. We could use someone like you. Active every day. We chat. We help one another. Fun place and need a strong player, a taking on 7* titans now.


We have free space on “The Ironclad”


East of the equator. Check us out on discord. Dont have discord just ask us about it we will help you out. Very, very close knit team with 100% participation in all aspects of the game. We have our own library with advise and tips about playing the game. You can check it out yourself without joining. Just ask us and we will grant you access to it so you can check us out and we can see if you would be a good fit for us too.


Hi Join us! We are looking for active players who can grow together. here’s the requirement and i think it’s great fit with us. Look forward hearing from you :slight_smile:


Feel free to join Mangy Marauders of “NI”, it’s open.

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He Ironclad is a great ship, with dedicated people and dun times, excellent results in titans and wars, international team, with a brazilian already onboard. Being part of an armada of ships, you can, if you want to, move around the sister ships, trying titans ranging from 5 to 11*. Give it a visit and check :slight_smile:


Feel free to join The Ruthless Warriors.


The Ironclad has 4 spots if you are still looking. We have people from Brazil, Europe, North America, Asia!!! Great group, very active!!! Fighting 7-9* Titans, active in wars and events. 6 ship Armada sharing knowledge and jokes!


Love to have you on ZERO.


We would love to have you in the brotherhood off XIII. We have 12 spots open, and we’re all friendly.


You can join Mangy Marauders of “NI” if you want. AKA Traggeter