I'm looking for a particular thread

I wanted to share a thread I read on the forums a while back with my group on line.
An allaince gifted a random member that participated in war using all 6 flags a x30 pull on Atlantis with the video. I thought it was pretty cool and can not find it now.

I’m not sure where that particular thread is but I came upon this one that has lots of possibities!

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Pretty sure that was @DoctorStrange’s alliance. And I thought it was titled “Best 30 pull ever” or something similar. But can’t seem to find it now. He may be able to go straight to it if it was his alliance.

Thanks for the replies, that does sound familiar. It was a great story but must have timed out.

Could be ( linky, linky)


Goodness I hope not. I remember that one well. Lots of bickering and scrolling if it’s buried in there somewhere. :joy:

30x summon on Atlantis seems a little peppy. Perhaps this is what you are remembering?

Thanks @Garanwyn and @Gryphonknight. This tells the story a little bit. The thread I read originally i believe had a description like these but it had a video for proof. I remember the member drawing Athena and a few other 5*s with his/her gifted gems.
The video itself could be fake but I was hoping to find it so it’s not more or less hear say.
How am I ever going to convince my leader to do this without proof?!? :rofl:
I very much appreciate your efforts though. The community on here is awesome, so thanks again.

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Good luck.

I have been in several MMOs where alliances did this and it always dies off.

It always seems like a good idea.

While nice, prizes become discouraging for those who never win and work for those who win and administer them.


The Top 10 alliances in most MMOs keep going because of like minded people sharing knowledge, opportunities and goals.

Finding a reason to stay together is what keeps most alliances running not prizes.

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Yeah I was more or less teasing, just thought it was a good story and wanted to share it. The only criteria for this giveaway was participation. If you knew my leader youd know this would never happen in my allaince Hahaha. I would however gift gems if I could every once in a while in small amounts which I just seen a TON of suggestions for this while looking for the thread and wouldn’t expect anything in return of course.


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