I'm looking for a new squad

It’s time for me to move on from my current alliance, and with the AW over I feel okay about finally making the jump. TP @ ~3600+, cups @ ~1900-2300 at any given point. Regularly use all flags on Titan and in AW.

What I really love about my current alliance is the people. It’s positive, friendly, chill, and no drama. Good people. No tolerance of folks being rude. Just very cool. But participation has dropped, and we’ve gone from 8* Titans to not being able to take down a 5* because less than half the alliance is using their flags. I just can’t roll with that.

If the positives above are what your alliance values as well and you’re looking to add some new blood, lmk! But def also lmk if Line (or another chat outside of the game) is a requirement, as I’m not sure I want to go that route.



Hey Viserion -

You should check out US Warriors. It’s a fun and active group with a competitive streak. We love to chat strategy, hit 9*-10* titans, and go all out for wars. Your trophy count says you can hold your own so we’d love to have you join. Our recruiting page is here if you want to browse:

Let me know if you have any questions, otherwise I hope to see you in game.

*Edit - I should add that while we have a Line group to store helpful info, it’s not at all required - most chat & all important communication runs in E&P alliance chat.


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Helios is a great place to start.

We are a life-first alliance and support our team.

Almost all of that you are searching for you can find in our alliance, if you don’t feel that we are under your level come and check us. 6* titans for now…

Here’s a member testimonial:

Join us.
]TITAN GLADIUS is recruiting active players looking for a fun, social, and family friendly alliance!

]New players as well as experienced are welcome

We are currently taking on 8/9 * Titans.

Requirements, active Titan attacks, and 3 flag minimum war participation.

Line recommended but not required.


Thanks all! Post must be at least 20 charact… :slight_smile:

@ViserionLives join us at Enchanted Heroes. We are a family of 5 alliances (Enchanted Heroes is the new ones) and we are filling up fast. Some of the alumni members moved as we have more than 30 members with higher cups. All of us have been with the alliance for more than a year. We will be happy to have you. My Line Id is hunkyn

Atomics House of Pain is looking for new blood, we are a global alliance of 25 right now, fully active in war and hitting eight star titans. We’re friendly, offer advice and know how to have fun.

@JonahTheBard is about to post…dont listen to him… come to helios :slight_smile:

Edit: Meant to be funny, if it’s not My apologies @JonahTheBard

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Afternoon @ViserionLives

Guardians Ascending meet your requirements, and you meet theirs. Match made in heaven.:sweat_smile:

Line is entirely optional, if you want to try it at a later date.:thinking:

Progression on to 12* titans at the top 350 Guardians Reborn if you want a future goal :grinning:

FYI @GuardiansThorgrim

Check out chaos brigade - just finished war - all hits used, 0 left over , won by 1500 points! 9 and 10 star titans regular, occasional 11
Fun group!

Woah…woah. hold the phone.

Pre-emptive recruitment diss?

This means war. @Kayo @FabulaSumus deploy the laser sharks!!!

Lol. I saw your chat bubble pop up and I just could not help myself. The Guardian Family is obviously a great place.

Check our Neptune’s raft we have 3 open spots if you are looking for your forever alliance we normally fight 9 -10 star titans with a very active and fun loving group. Come check us out we run a Discord channel packed full of information.

come checkout the crew family of alliances. 10 alliances, something for everyone. Some of them line is optional. Crew-Sapphires for example is active but not hard core, and line is optional. We have a wide range of titans we are fighting in the family, and you can move from one alliance to the other if you outgrow one. Check us out!

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The ZERO family of alliances is 7 alliances playing on different levels and playstyles. Common line group across all alliances for sharing advices and fun.

Zero Unchained is a chatty friendly group, war all flags in or opt-out.

Line: djlite247

Lots of great alliance choices here. Please let me know when you have chosen one, and i’ll close the thread. :+1:

Guardians of Reset is looking to add 1 more daily player. Laid back but active fun group. Hitting 7 and 8* titans. Give us a look.

So many great ones! You can close though, thanks @Rook - I have joined US Warriors.


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