I'm looking for a long relationship

A very active player. I’m looking for an alliance that is fun, competitive and talkative. I use Discord to communicate. 21x 5* maxed. Troops 3/5 lvl 23.

Hey @LordDex !
Please check us out, Moonshine Warriors. We are looking for active players to join our team and we can be a good fit for you.
We have simple rules: must attack the titans- we fight 10-11* titans and you must use all flags in war if opted in.
We use Line and Discord ,but it’s optional.

More info about us you can find here:

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me either on our recruitment thread or on Line: magnifique89.
Discord: OGdirty1Kanobi#4271

Looking forward to hear from you! :hugs:

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Hey Magnifique!

I’m the leader of Crew-Sapphires, a semi-casual 11/12* Titan fighting alliance! We’re currently full right now but the Crew Family of Alliances has 8 crews in it ranging from experts/competitive to training alliance. The whole bunch of us (205 mates) are quite talkative in our crew-chat on LINE. One thing that’s awesome about Crew is no matter where you start in Crew, there’s always opportunities to move between Crews to help you find the perfect fit!

Here’s a quick add description of all the crews!
Welcome to the Crew Quick Ad

Best of luck in your search,
Crew-Sapphires Leader

Crew-Barons has 3 spots, fighting 12*. (See above for ad)

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Ok. Thanks. I am coming. :slight_smile:

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@LordDex, when you find your forever home, raise a flag or tag @ a moderator to close your thread. Otherwise, you’ll continue to be inundated with posts from hopeful recruiters. GL

Will do that. Than you Sarah.

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LordSex, please give us a look “Misery Loves E&P” We are a core of 2 group that has played together for a long time. our chat are fun and mostly about making fun of other members. We are somewhat competitive, but do have a few member who aren’t as active.

We all use war flags!

Please check us out if you like to compete:
“witchers and witches”.
We have won 20 out of 25 wars, currently at 6 streak win…
We have 15 players and we “pick” the cream del-a cream :smiley:

Closed at request of the OP

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