I'm level 51 hitting less than my level 22 the players

I’m level 51 hitting 10k on a 7 star titan I normally hit 60k plus what is going on since this new update its stuffed everything up and other players in my alliance having the same problem fix it please

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Are you currently competing against a rare titan?

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It’s just RNG, is what everyone will say, and sadly I agree.
I can go an entire Titan and have awful boards so NEED to use Tornadoes. However today, on a weak Titan colour for me (11* Yellow Titan) and yesterday a Yellow too, I have done really good. Hitting 45k - 80k Currently done 4 attacks and I am at about 220k, and this is my weakest titan

That is natural, especially so when:

  1. You encounter bad boards with no battle items at hand;
  2. You use a rainbow team of heroes with no battle items at hand;
  3. You use a team of heroes whose element is weak to the titan with no battle items at hand;
  4. You use a team of unleveled or low-leveled heroes with no battle items at hand;
  5. Your game crashed or froze while in the middle of a titan fight;
  6. You forgot that there is a timer and just did something else;

What else did I forget? Feel free to add them.

  1. Lost concentration…thereof matching repeatedly wrong tiles…eg matching blue tiles instead of green vs a blue Titan…etc
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SG got the wind of #NOSPEND movement, so they are doing their best to force you to spend. duh!

This happens to me and the raids, too

I am level 57 but this is true of my Titan teams. I colour stack, use mana potions, Titan hooks, Dragon banners, Dragon Bombs. I was getting 40k+ and now with better/higher level hitters I can only regularly rial 12k-21k. It’s embarassing against 7&8* regular and rare Titans. Good boards I can achieve 25k. The s ore is a disappointment every time

Don’t go mono, try a 3/2.

ETA: I was taking three strong color against the titan, then either Miki or Wu, plus another blue or yellow, respectively

I’m a level 60. I have a beginner alli and we fluctuate between 5-7* titans. In the past month my titan scores have dropped substantially.
I’ve fought 11*. I know how to set up a team. But there has to be something with the game to drop my scores from 50-70k to barely breaking 20k. I got an 8k score the other day on a 5*. With an over 4k team. I’m constantly hitting the weak spot and my boards are lit up. To see a 20k score is frustrating when it should be upwards of 60k.
I don’t pay to play. Yet my younger players, who pay, with lower unleveled teams are doubling my scores. If this is some plot to get me to pay I’ll suicide my account today.


Maybe start recording your hits, and then the ones that are terrible, post for people to see.
The only times I get bad (10k or less) is when I have a really bad board, and secondly if I get no vertical hits - especially stuns - so then the 11/12* kill me. But recently I use timestops so if i don’t have any vertical hits, especially stuns, I apply a timestop then I have 3 free shots to try get one/some setup.

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I use time stops, tornadoes, anything to slow the titan down. I come prepared, trust me! The other day I saved all three flags and did three different setups. One Wu one without Wu, mono, rainbow. No difference in score. Maybe a 5k variation. My boards aren’t bad. I’m getting plenty matches and vertical hits. The only thing I can see are scores 30-50k less than 3 months ago, and this is with stronger leveled/emblemed teams. Im going to take your advice and start recording. Thank you.

Personally I am a big hater of Wu Kong. I have miki so I am lucky enough, who I then typically pair with Wilbur, and then anyone else. I tend to get better scores of I go 3-2 or 3-1-1 but against blue and green titans I go 4-1 and do good.

Wilbur / G Falcon / Boldtusk / Scarlett / Miki
Kiril / Jott / Sonya / Grimm / Miki

Wilbur / Proteus / Clarissa / Sabina / Miki
Wilbur / Joon / White Rabbit / Mist / Miki
Wilbur / Evelyn / Hansel / Little John / Miki

Those are always my teams adnw e mostly face 11* but sometimes 12*.
As you notice most of mine are 4* heroes, so they take 1 or 2 hits and get killed, hence Wilbur being a big role. Better to take one less hero of the same colour to stack and last the entire time, instead of taking mono or 4-1 and dying after just 20 seconds - in my opinion.

But obviously it is all RNG and boards. I tend to get the tiles I need at the end. I can’t say how many times I manage to get lots of the colour I need + a diamond right at that last cascade but none of them go off haha

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I did 76k to a 12* Purple Titan yesterday using Wu Kong, Jackal, Wilbur, Malosi & Vivica and 10 mini-mana potions.

So I don’t know why you are only doing 8k damage to a 5*. I could put the Titan hit on auto-play and it would score more than that so something doesn’t sound right and as someone said you should record a hit so it can be viewed and opinion given.

At some point the RNG wants/oblige you to waste resources on times stops or tornados and a lot of blue mana pots. Everything thats expensive in resources to raise frustrating and we waste money on portal. That’s it

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No one wants to hear it’s luck when it’s happening, because its so hard not to take it personally, when it happens again and again. You are doing the same things you usually do. But instead of the success you’re used to and expecting, you’re getting dog poop on a stick.

I’ve experienced these streaks. They suck. And then they pass.

for 2 weeks I couldn’t hit over 15K on any titan hit. It was aweful. I had not cascading hits, lots of Wu Kong misses for the titan weakness, but all the tiles I had no heroes of hit. It was aweful (I was litterally in Awe about how awful it was).

Then last week things changed - I got a 58K hit (highest to date) and have been consistently getting 35k-55k since. Same Items. Same Heroes. Just different outcomes from my choices with the board.

I don’t know when the RNG will change for you, but it will. Just give it time.

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