I'm less angry now, but this still needs fixed


Evening @Duaneski

Here’s a real life example from across the pond which might help demonstrate your point (although I think it’s already well laid out):


In this situation, London councils have placed traffic cameras on busy yellow box junctions.
Stopping in a yellow box junction makes you liable for a £130 fine and these cameras are raking in millions a year.

The rule is for a good reason - blocking the junction causes congestion.

But these junctions are intensely busy, and it is easy to enter the junction and get blocked in if you fail to anticipate the traffic ahead.

So the council makes money from a simple lack of concentration or judgement.

They could redesign the junction, but it is their interest to keep catching drivers who are distracted or have limited visibility.

The letter of the law is applied correctly, but the situation is allowed to remain for the financial gain of the party with the power to change it.

It is the drivers ‘fault’, but does the severity of the penalty fit the level of error?

Hope that makes sense.


Your comparisons are apples to oranges. It’s a frickin game dude, not a life or death situation. Like I said, keep on with your crusade.


Yes. … very good. Hahahaha. Omg. You’re… something else.

Simple question:

Are people more likely to make a mistake in a game or a life and death situation??

Obviously the magnitude of the result of the error doesn’t scale.

That doesn’t make it not a problem. If anything, for an entertainment company this is both an easy fix and an obvious one.


Interesting. Government is incentivized to retain the same design because it potentially promotes safety and makes them money.

The only issue with the comparison in my mind is that SG isn’t promoting safety or anything with their shoddy design.

I guess, if we really wanted to find a reason, we could say they’re trying to promote video gamers paying attention to fine details. But I don’t believe this is their intention, only a possible side effect.

Edit: never mind just reread that. They could fix the intersection but don’t. That’s messed up :stuck_out_tongue: enough bad press might force them to action right? :slight_smile:


@Duaneski I agree fully with your goal here - to improve the User Experience of purchasing these packs so that all users understand what they’re getting and are happy when they spend. However:

  1. Your explanation of the problem was not concise nor clear - I had to scroll up and down multiple times before finding the troop and hero token color / shape issues in the middle, and I still can’t fully comprehend why the Up to 2 wording is so broken - is it that the text via low contrast is slightly hidden between the two panels? So “reread this thread from the Start.” doesn’t help much.
  2. Most of the people you’re arguing with do not understand UX (User Experience) Design (nor should they have to as users) and are expert users of this game that don’t need good UX design to keep them here. They will defend the status quo because the system works for them. The people you need to make your case to is the Small Giant designers / marketing team.

So at least I’d recommend editing your opening paragraph to bullet point both the problems and some potential solutions before going into the history, etc. Better design your forum post :slight_smile: Sorry if I was a bit terse myself, but I do really wish you luck!


Ahhhhh ousted by my own petard!

Irony knows no bounds :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for the insight. I’ll get to that later tonight :slight_smile:


I fully understand the proposal. Despite the fact that I always pay a lot of attention to the content of offers, it has also happened to me. Enthusiasm makes blind. This does not make me a stupid person, but only temporarily inattentive. It looks like everyone thinks they are a little similar, so your proposal makes sense also.

The easiest way for SGG, and apparently other players, is to say that you should pay more attention. I can not blame SGG in that, but I do to our fellow players. Just because he did not get what he wanted, doesn’t mean his proposal arised because of that. I think his proposal arised in order to avoid other players experiencing the same unfortunate misinterpretation. No matter how obvious the difference may be, it’s a noble gesture to your fellow players if you ask me. You have my vote!

I sometimes read that color blind people are also playing this game. I wonder what they would think of the similarities between both tokens.


I’ll be totally honest with you… when I made the thread, this is the response I expected to see…

So, thank you.

breathes sigh of relief

I will edit the OP for clarity when I get a chance. But for now, the first of two separate issues has never happened to me. I just noticed a trend with it watching the forums and wanted to compile different threads about it to try to spur SG to action.

Seems that including my own ‘incident’ with the tokens really muddled that and gave individuals here some ammo to assume my intentions.

Ah well :stuck_out_tongue:


Confusing the tokens isn’t just your own incident. Even after reading this, just today I confused the epic troop token in a $2 deal with an epic hero token. I even tapped on the item, which shows a description. I mostly wanted the discounted gems to buy a 10x pull, so it wasn’t a big deal for me, and I even got a higher star blue troop than I had. Still, the real problem is not just that the tokens look similar, but also that “Troop” is too similar to “Hero”. It would be much easier to tell them apart if they had themed the Troops something else like Gear.



After reading the thread I have some comments.

You are right it would be a lot easyer for people that dont see that well ( like me ) to see the differnce between HT and TT if they were more distinct from each other. ( More differnt color might be an easy fix )

This would be a good public relation move and would generate less work in the complaints department.

About the complaints department ( customer service ) you are wrong:
They read your complaint, ( Maybe thought about it ) processed it and sent you a correct answer.

Yes it was mainly your mistake so you dont get a refund and they are sorry.
Ist defenitely not their job to say this problem will be solved.

From my point of view you are also wrong about the money grabing sceme.
Lets take 2 million players, 1% of them makes the same mistake you complain about ( high estimate ) becuase of bad design and not perfect attention ) multiply with 2 dollars and you get 40k dollars.
Depending where you come from this is a lot of money but in the big business world it is nothing and defenitely does not pay for the trouble this problem creates.

At the end a question to feed my curiosity. :slight_smile:

The offer you are talking about ( which I never would consider taking ) has 2 types of gold coins in it.
Why did you and your wife buy it in the first place and what made you think that it would be the same kind of gold coins in the differnt positions ?

So yes we agree the design could be better but I think you went a little bit over the top with some of your arguments in the following discussion.

Of course with the real life examples you hit the nail right on the head. Very strange things can happen if people are tired and/or stressd out and whatever can be done should be done ( like clear markings of everything ) to avoid grave/tragic unnecessary errors.


I don’t have a dog in this fight, and I don’t want to give ammo to anyone (please stop shooting at each other so I don’t have to shut the thread down!), but:

  • I think the “at least two items” issue may not translate well into some other languages; I have read many complaints in the Foreign Language section. This is a good reason to address it.

  • The Epic Hero vs Epic troop coin design; they are both epic so I always thought gold was appropriate. Surely there is another way to make one or the other coin design stand out?

Again, I’m not picking a side here, but I can see how changes might be helpful.


Changing its shape, I think I had also suggested… could go hexagon or square… or, could have a round token on its edge instead of its back…

There are options, but some require additional rendering… changing the color doesn’t. (edit: doesn’t afaik. Maybe it does). That was the main thing that appealed to me about changing the color.

As they’re both epic tokens, I can understand the desire to have them both be gold.

But when you’ve got them pretty small on a pretty small screen, I personally believe it lends itself to errors

Thanks for your thoughtful reply.


We both bought it separately the same day. Then we both separately thought “oh man I’m such an idiot. I didn’t notice that was ETT Instead Of EHT.”

Later in the day I was telling her about my goof up and she laughed and said she had actually done the same exact thing.

At that point, we both said “wow I really could Swear I had double checked it and it was EHT” (we had noted the similarity prior to this purchase, of course.) so that’s what I decided to contact support.

I know I’m at least snarky, if not mean about it. But yes they investigated it. And they provided the correct answer.

I guess I expect more from customer service. So maybe that’s on me :stuck_out_tongue: but since I work in customer service, and we don’t get to just tell someone “yeah you done screwed up. Now go away” , I might have higher standards…

Talking with the customer and heading their complaint is the easy part. Investigating the issue and looking for solutions is always the hard part. It can be very complicated in health care if an error was a system error or a personnel error, or a perception issue.

So when I see something like this, that is an obvious design issue with a relatively easy fix, it does grind my gears to see it ignored by ‘management’ over time. But, I also figured that a part of that was probably lack of specific complaint by the community and maybe not being aware of potential solutions.

That’s my thought process here. I think. :stuck_out_tongue:


Glad you’re less angry, Duaneski.

I’d like to see it fixed too, but don’t let it age you :wink:


Changing the shape (and/or depth) was one of my thoughts.

If you look at the designs, they also slant the same direction…maybe switch one to slant the other way? See? They slant the same:

To be fair, immediately after noticing the gold color, the next thing I look for is the swords (Troops), so I never mistake one coin for the other, but perhaps changing the outer edge, or reversing the slant could help those who do. shrug


Or just put the emblem in silver or black to make it stand out


Not going to read everybodies responses due to being at work, but I agree they should look more different from one another. My suggestion is go to a bronze, silver and gold color scheme for the tokens.