I'm less angry now, but this still needs fixed

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I’ve got two separate issues that I believe SG should make a strong effort to fix.

The first issue is

  1. Fix the “combo packs” wording. This wording has mislead a lot of Emperors in this game. I have linked the posts I could find below. I haven’t personally fallen into this trap, but there have been numerous complaints about it.

The second issue is:

  1. ETT and EHT tokens are too similar in appearance. This creates potential scenarios where people are buying packs to get an EHT and getting ETT instead. I was duped by this previously, but I’ve also heard others say this has been an issue for them. I’m not on a crusade to get any sorta refund, I just think it’s a poor design.

Before I go into more detail, let me provide you with all of the threads I could find related to issue 1:

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Among those threads was a recent one where I proposed two solutions. I also tagged @petri. It’s a recurrent issue, one that they’re at least aware of now.

I hope SG and @petri will consider either one of my proposed solutions or one of their own that quickly and permanently fixes this.

**And if I were running this business, I would make it a point to personally apologize to each customer who feels they were deceived by SG, reimburse them for their trouble, and give them something extra. **

PLEASE fix it so it doesn’t happen again!! This is literally the least you can do.

(My two proposed solutions are: either make it a roulette wheel and say “get two spins” OR change the wording to “randomly get 2 of the following.” I prefer the roulette wheel fwiw.)

This concludes my thoughts on issue #1, regarding the wording and advertisement of “Combo Packs”

On to issue #2:
2. there is ZERO reason that EHT And ETT need to look this much alike.

Either my search-fu is failing, people aren’t hitting the boards, or this isn’t really a problem. But imma be real with you all. I bought a $1.99 offer thinking I was getting EHT and 200 gems. I was angry. I felt duped. Funny enough, my wife did the same thing at the same time. We thought it was a bug and I contacted support.

They informed me the pack did not have EHT, and had only ETT and sent me on my way. Which is fine. But that has stuck with me, and leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

I have heard a few other people say they almost fall for this frequently, and to me it seems unnecessary.

Yeah. I shoulda paid closer attention. I get that. I won’t argue that. I can’t argue that. BUT, that doesn’t mean the design should not be addressed. It should be.

So it’s simple. You don’t even need new art work you just need to color the darned thing differently. Blue. Green. Pink. Frickin rainbow. I don’t care. But two same-hue gold tokens is stupid, unnecessary, potentially deceptive,

And to heck with it, I am gonna just say mean.

Thank you for reading.

Much love as always

this post has been edited for sunshine and rainbows. It is 100% okay for SG to build systems to deceive their user base, and ignore recurrent complaints. It’s 100% NOT okay to refer to something as cow’s poop. Together, we all learn and grow

this post was edited for clarity 8/8. Thank you to those who pointed out directly or indirectly that I was not clear in what I was concerned with


Oh, I so much hate that epic troop token. It deceived me so many times, I would be happy that I get ‘the epic token’ and immediately disappointed when I saw it’s in the wrong category.

Maybe change shape to hexagon, or to black/grey colour with gold swords… But yes, it’s just not good design.

Except if the intention was to confuse us, then it’s doing the great job. :rofl:

I’m like a hawk when I see the tokens among the offer, and I triple check if it has swords :rofl:


Definitely something have to change , the packages are too expensive with such a low chance to get what you want.

Thank you for posting here. I really want to be clear though. This is not about the value, or expected cruddy value.

This is about the deceptive nature of the marketing of the offer. I’ve got what, 15-20 posts that I could easily find, not even including any emails sent to support.

It’s probably affected 1,000 people, misreading it and wasting their gems. Negatively affecting their game experience unnecessarily.

And I do think this is purposeful and malicious. When you get that many complaints, it stops being “whoops” and starts being purposeful. And I think as a player base this is something they need to know we aren’t okay with.

(And yes. Of course people should pay more attention. That’s great life advice. Meanwhile, back on the ranch, there are easy ways to change these things so that none of the player base is hit by these scams.)

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Haha python … same here :stuck_out_tongue: we actually were that way even before that offer thing happened! Which made it that much more surprising haha.

This morning I saw the gold flash and had a moment of “that’s gonna be ETT,…” and then “OH it isn’t, it’s actually an EHT !”

I find some packs and “special offers” more cheeky than others, but the one that makes me actually cranky is the war pack. It’s obviously aimed at newer players who are getting the full brunt of weird war matching…

I totally agree with you! I’d have requested a refound for all what I have spent, but this is not possible because this are the Type of people working behind. Id follow them legally but is not easy and Id go till the end and give the money backup to all people they have Cheated!

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Thank you for adding your voice here. Hopefully they’ll address it.

And ideally, yes, they would refund you. I’ll hope for that but can’t expect it, sadly.

BTW did anyone EVER got more than those 2, 3 ? Like, it says ‘at least 2’, but have you heard that anyone got 3 of something? :smiley:

That’s a good question. Like is that even a possibility? Because it’s an outright lie if it’s only possible to get 2 items to say “at least 2…”

Just starting that sentence with “YOU WILL RECEIVE…” is just. Man. Makes me so angry !!!

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I have gotten more than the items presented in the offer (i.e. if it says at least two, I have gotten three or more).

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Yeah It says that but: 1) I have never had that chance to get more, strange yeah , 2) Too much expensive… and everything is very very unbalanced… thives have this sense of unbalanced.

Thank you Sleeper. I appreciate that information.

Do you have any thoughts on the original post?

Do you think it’s okay that at least this many people have been duped? Probably many many more?

Let’s at least agree: it’s an easy fix. ?

It is an easy fix, but I wonder if part of the problem is that they company is Finnish and maybe the wording is odd/misleading due to translation and English being a second language.

I never really buy them so it’s not ever been an issue, and, in real life, I’m in audit so I read everything carefully haha.

Whoa, we’ve found a unicorn :wink:
Thanks for sharing the information :slight_smile:

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Uhhhh I mean… maybe lol

From November 2017:

Coppersky and Rook were troubleshooting this same issue back then. And many times since.

Maybe the right suggestion hasn’t surfaced. Or maybe SG prefers to make some cheap money. I really don’t know. I just don’t like it. And I think either of the things I proposed would work fine… and I think there’s plenty of other ways to show it’s a risky investment, clearly.

Did everyone in the thread think they were getting 6 regular, 4 epic troop, and 2 epic hero tokens in that pack? For 300 gems? That’s 2300 gems worth of tokens in the summon. If I could get “at least” 12 summons for 300 gems, why would I ever actually go and do the summons?

Some people yes, thought they would get 2x of each item. Others just thought they would get at least each item.

At the risk of receiving a truckload of manure on my head, I’ve got to play devils advocate for a moment. When I was a noob in this game and thinking of making a purchase, I looked around on the forum to see what people thought of/suggested as the best value for my money. As a person on the lower end of the income spectrum, I was quite cautious about what I spent on and made sure I READ and UNDERSTOOD whatever offer I was considering purchasing. I guess its a bit difficult for me to imagine someone a) not doing that b) making a complaint due to their own lack of understanding…dare I say, ignorance. Could SG make some of the changes that have been suggested here? Certainly. Should they? Probably. But they are absolutely not the first, and definitely not the last, vendor to profit from folks misunderstanding of items on offer. And I don’t get calling them cheats, liars, or worse simply for engaging in a very common business practice. I think the market provides a mechanism to police this sort of selling and that is simply not to purchase again. Can you imagine if they started giving refunds to anyone who wasn’t satisfied with what they received? It would open the floodgates. How in the world would they be expected to determine whether they were getting a ‘straight’ story from the customer? Are they really supposed to compensate for someone not really paying attention to what they are purchasing? Buyer beware! Anyway, my two cents. Cheers :wink:

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It starts and ends there for me.

If you want to make excuses for a company that’s already in the black 33million, I’m not gonna blast you for it. I think that’s weak. But that’s your opinion.

I disagree.

I think you’ve got people with various reading comprehension ability playing this game, either due to age, language, or whatever other kinda socioeconomic thing. So there are reasons, legit reasons, why someone might miss it. That aside, there are some that just might not notice, in a moment of “oops”

I don’t think people should be on the watch for getting duped while playing a game. And I think the “game” should make every effort to be transparent and obvious in its “deals”


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