Im just want the puss in boots

Im just want the puss in boots , 7 summons and nothing, i have all tools to uploud to max … and nothing!! :cry::cry::cry:

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7 summons…you’ll need like 700 for a shot at him! LOL


The chance to get a Legendary Event Hero is 1%. There are several Event 5* heroes so the chance to get the right one is even lower. In this case 0.2% !
Get a wanted 4* Event hero is much easirer, only two of them.

Tenia desde diciembre sin un heroe 5 Estrellas o un heroe del mes , ahora en este valhala , luego de casi 20 invocaciones me dieron Alfrike

and I also want, let’s want together :upside_down_face:

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Hay otra persona con un “post” similar; acerca del obtener un héroe de 5 estrellas.

Desafortunadamente, se necesita paciencia. Y yo no la tengo tampoco.

Just wanna let you know that you can also post this in your language in the Foreign Language topic.

Hope you get the puss. :slight_smile:

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I spend my all gems and token of event

You will need a lot of diamonds (sorry, don’t know how you call them in english). I made maybe 25 summons to get Red Hood.

Summons for Puss can be discussed here.

Please note the extremely low odds for getting a specific event 5*


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