Im into trouble

I have 2 iron stores with 90k of iron and i cannot build Stronghold lvl 7 because cost 113k of iron and i have no more place for build more iron stores. Please help me. Many thanks.

U cant upgrade iron storeage?

Like @TKristensen said, build all the Iron Storages you can and upgrade them.

Are both storages on level 6?


Don’t worry, if you built everything as prompted, you will always have enough to build the next stronghold level!

No, that’s wrong, Rook. They cost 50400 iron to build them from lvl 5 to 6. They can hold around 70k each, so there is no need to worry about the capacity of the mines.

Darn chart! :grin:

It helps if I turn it rightside up!

I’m in more trouble than that, I must upgrade Stronghold to lvl 19 but in order to do that I must upgrade all my iron storages and it takes 1 day and a couple of hours each, and there’s 5… :frowning:


Dude, please, talk to us scrubs who aren’t even at SH15 yet :wink:

We’re all on the path, be it Stronghold 7 or 17. hugs all around


I have been playing this game for 3 months now…

I have a level 20 sh. Trust me when I say you can ALWAYS have enough iron available if you keep everything leveled properly and that you don’t use a iron storage to convert for a barracks. If a person feels this may be the case you can click on it and it will show you what you can revert it back to. Being below level 10 this is not a possibility. Good luck


Right, DON’T convert iron storage to barracks and you can’t go wrong (use forge instead).


Thank you guys, its done.

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Speaking of conversion, I did convert a forge into a barracks. I know I can convert it back, but will I still have the option to go barracks again, or is that limited?

No, there is no limit to how often you can convert a building. I believe you have to wait until you’re not building something though


I still think, it’s a bug. That you can convert “the wrong building” and stuck out of a sudden…
To know, that the storage buildings are limited is one thing, but to remember, what building you converted, maybe after 1 or 2 weeks…
I had the same problem, and was close to delete the game.

That makes sense, thanks for info.Talisax

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You get stuck if another building is under construction. :slight_smile:

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Is the forge the only one, that could be converted without getting in trouble?