Im getting tired of this game

i been on this game for a year and half and still got 1 5* hero and the war suck dont like it at all and the events you dont get to pick the heros you work a hole yearon this game is starting to suck

Maybe it’s time to find a new Game…over a year and you don’t know how the things work arround here

Welcome to E&P discussions :slightly_smiling_face:

Sad to read you’re tired of playing this.

Are you a member of a nice alliance?

It’s awesome to share bad experiences there, to hear others with same issues and to have fun together.


For how long have you been running Training Camp 20? How many of them?

Too bad. Of you don’t enjoy key features of the game, this might be not your game after all. :frowning:


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Sometimes, holding on too long just adds to the pain.


Let go and be free!


Take a break for a bit from playing or switch to another type of game, just rest from the routine and you might find yourself willing to come back in some period of time. When I get exhausted of smth I try to do another activity (I personally like editing in photoshop or playing the ukulele)


Take up church organ, organs are fun to play.


you have been playing a year and this is your first post it worries me that maybe you are not getting the help you need to enjoy the game.

for a lot of us the wars are the most exciting thing in the game, as there are few other venues to participate as a team, so it saddens me that you feel this way. if there is anything we can do to help you out let us know, this community is very good at making sure they help players find a niche that’s good for them.

don’t continue to be annoyed go find something new to play as no one wants to be irritated In their free time, which for some of us, is few and far between. no one wants to be upset but please understand, the less money you spend the longer everything takes. it’s a slow grind, being here a year you should see that and at this point you should have started reaping the fruits of your labors.

good luck to you and again feel free to ask for any help you need and you will find it here.


Nice sense of humor :joy::rofl::sweat_smile:… I mean, that what that was, wasn’t it? :joy::rofl::sweat_smile:

Do you have at least one maxed 4* team? If so, then join us at The Autumn Wind. We’ll be happy to help you get going in the right direction going forward and have fun again :slight_smile:

What alliance are you in? Sounds like maybe you need to consider a new one with some old farts in it who can help point you in the right direction. Assuming 18 months in you have a completely maxed everything in he stronghold. Run 3 TC20. I ran FOUR for a while to get more 5*. And now run 2 all the time.

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what are talking about run run where

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“Run” here means “keep active.” Using level 20 training on a Training Camp (often called TC20) has around a 5% chance to produce a 5* hero every time it completes a training.


Also I have to just chime in here and say that there r so many topics always going on here in the forum that by just reading u can gain some friggin unreal advice. Alliances r key too as @SamwiseTheBrave mentioned. It’s a group u chat with daily. And being in a good one makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE. Since I cannot sky write that via my iPhone I will let the caps suffice. But all in all I’ll tell ya that thinking legendary figures makes it all worth while ain’t quite 100% accurate. Take it from someone who magically pulled a truck load when he first started. They take forever to ascend and level up. The items needed r ridiculously rare and u will get ur clock cleaned by maxed rare and epic teams all day. Check out the forums my friend. I’ve leaned on these folks a ton. Also there r some pretty entertaining folks on here too. But check out this particular topic before u leave based on just legendary heros. And believe me having a lineup of em doesn’t mean a hill of beans when u can’t get em up 4^80. Hell. I can’t move 4 right now to 4^1! They sit and sit. Anyway look for these folks reports and played guides @Razor @_John_Doe and always listen to and I’m gonna forget like a dozen people so actually go here and anyone thanked look out for.

But here is something to read even before that will tell u a solid epic squad will beat legendary heros. Keep the faith. It will all come together. This is the kinda stuff u can glean from following certain folks. This is courtesy @Razor


If you read through the threads you’ll see that even players from top alliances think this game sucks & is unfair & they are leaving the game.

Now that’s saying something.

Don’t make the mistake of hording gems in the hope of summoning something decent.
You can easily see ppl doing literally 100’s & 100’s & 100’s of pulls & getting nothing in return for their hard earned gems. Just trash upon trash, then they want you to enjoy the game?

Then they put your hopes in the training camps. I’ve heard players can go for months on end just getting garbage. Try it out & see how excited you get.

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I’ve followed your posts and noticed that you seem very frustrated and unhappy with the game and other players, and have so for a very long time.

Life is too short to be miserable playing a mobile game that is obviously causing you so much grief.

Other players have quit or taken a break. You have lots of other options. Good luck!


To add on to @princess1 I would also add that sometimes too u have to make a move away or towards something different quickly like pulling off a band aid. The longer u dwell the worse it will b in ur mind. I wouldn’t worry about trying to find the perfect response that could convince u into staying when that’s not what it sounds like u need. Hey u can always come back! No worries. But for now I think ur mind sounds made up and I would just do it. Obviously I need to say don’t leave ur alliance in a lurch. Burnt bridges r a life lesson no-no. But just take the time. Hate to lose u but hopefully we will c u back refreshed and looking at this differently. Best of luck.


The sad part is too many are having the same issues. The devs have taken what used to be a fun game, let greed take over and turned it into a game that unless you have deep pockets you will not be able to stay competitive. Really sad how they let greed take over.

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