Im getting anoyed by looking for levels with the small wooden sword and once completed the sword is not goven. This is happening 5 times out of 6

The wooden swords are not awarded after the level is completed 5 times out of 6. Its just wasting my time

  1. please contact game support directly:

  1. I farm swords on 8-7 and 9-1.

It’s random. That it shows the items doesn’t mean you will get it. All it means is that there is a possibility of getting some of the items displayed on the given level. Open the level screen a few times and you’ll see they change every time from the pool of options.


That’s true. It’s also true that I randomly get swords on 8-7 and 9-1 more often than not. :grin:

P.S. I farm backpacks on 5-8, which does NOT as frequently have swords.


The wooden swords will come, I’ve been playing for a while now and have well over a 100 of them :slight_smile: Good luck with the game.

What level are you farming? 4-6 (the game tells you increased chance here, but with less opportunity i.e. ‘rolls’) and 8-7 seem to be my luckiest spots.

same is happening to me, I need yo level up heroes and can hardly ever get a sword which are needed to level up the heroes I have, and am getting near the point of getting stuck in the game

There is a certain amount of randomness in the game (big surprise). I find that loot maps work as a general guideline: I will often find x item at x location as per my map if I fish often enough in the right spot:


When the items show up on the little screen it does not mean you will find that item there it just means there is a chance of finding it. Best place to look for hero farming loot is province 5 level 8. You get backpacks and a good amount of swords if you keep at it.


Sadly I am suck playing down looking for swords to level up my people and have had very little luck even in the recommend increased chance places. It’s disappointing because you are trying to build your hero’s up and can’t. I feel like when you need someone it’s like code is written so you can’t find it. :frowning:

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