Im finally at sh 20 20 and buying heroes still but cant level one up for 2 months ....Soo hard to get Sturdy sheilds,Compasses trap tools and orbs!

Id even be happy to pay but ive been playin and spendin EVERYDAY for 8 months…recruiting friends …you name it …but i cant get 1 orb and 2 more sturdy sheilds to save my life…im waiting to buy them but not even on Spring calander yet…C moonnnnmmmn…(In Bronx accent) =/

The best way to get ascension mats is to take down high level titans. If your alliance is taking down 8,9,10* titans then you should be getting a steady stream of mats. It’s still luck but you have better odds.

I’ve been getting a steady stream of all mays buy Tabbards…
ALl but one came via mystic vision…finally got my 6th today

I"m so glad I pulled Sartana the other day as i was going to ascend Thoth…
That would have sucked …lol

Took me 8 months to get 6 tabards. Been a few months and not a single one (last one was rare quest). I have 3 (technically 4) 5* darks I could ascend and just haven’t even started yet (Domitia, Quintus, ObakanX2) because they are all fine, but there’s no chance I see 6 tabards anytime soon anyways, haha.

By far, these are the most elusive, followed by tonics. The rest come enough.

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Every 10 days or so there is a rare quest with a 3* and a 4* rare ascension item as rewards. Are you getting all these?

The 4* items are (intentionally) very rare. I’ve been playing constantly since August, mostly in an alliance that pulls down 10* titans daily, and I’ve gotten between 11 and 19 of each of these 4* mats.