Im farming tokens for 24h and got nothing

The game completely stopped spawning Chests

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They’re still around :slight_smile: just random… Likely you’re still going thru a bad patch of RNG


Also got just one chest so far

Same for me - I got only 3 chests for completing all tiers and spamming the rare 3 lvl endlessly since. It’s not surprising as the rates were insanely low ever since they introduced the chests, one month you get 7, other month you get 3… that’s why I never waste a single flask on these events. Not rich enough to be interested in competing and the chests spawn rate is just ridiculous for what it gives (you need 10 for a pull and it still most likely be Dawa, so come on). Not to mention the autoplays for 1 energy are nightmarish excercise.

So, to summarize, it’s normal. Accept it and move on, to more exciting aspects of the game.


Lol like grinding for Atlantis coins or grinding out other chests =_=

It’s 31 chests for this month so far. Btw I do see the rate drop recently.
Farm rare 3 exclusively.


Did you kept track of your WE/Coin rateo?

Nope but I burned about 14 flasks. My WE is 38

YAY! I got ONE! They just reduced greatly the spawn chance :heart_eyes:

I got about 20 tokens (it’s 21) this time from farming. Much more than usual. No flasks. All WE went into the event except when there was an inconvenient elemental chest (with no mats in it :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:)

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I had 24 this time from chests, I only used 4 flasks during the event. I only did have 1 during the last day. I spent most of my time in epic trying to increase my score.

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I wish loot tickets can also be used in challenges.

Worked for me this month :slight_smile:

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I got 26 tokens total from chests. I used 9 flasks and all the world energy (currently I have 43 energy). I did the gem quest though. I didn’t just farm Rare-3, I used the flasks to replay various stages in all 3 tiers for higher score.

I ended early my scoring so i could farm some low levels in rare.

What it seems to me is that the first 3 provinces has a lower spam ratio of chests, which is not really a shock considering almost all people non-competing farm there.

I farmed there and same as you, not even a chest.

So i decided for the last run to switch from 1 energy levels to 2 energy levels and see what it happened.
Last 30 minutes of the event gave me 3 chests back to back.

Could be a coincidence of course, next time i probably test it again.

My general idea is this: 1 energy levels have a much lower spam ratio (even considering you can run the levels much more times, you gain generally less chests)

Specific times of the day has more chance to gave you chests. Chests usually spam very close one to another for my experience.

If it appear one, usually i get at least another by the end of my energy.


“portal de Atlantis”??? Isn’t that a bug?

Yes i was mostly on Easy 1 energy :triumph:

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