I'm done, my patience is over

This stupid game is absolutely no RNG. Absolutely doesn’t matter how you gonna play or what heroes you use. Immediately you start to play is already decided if you doing to win or lose. I’m playing almost 2 years. I played thousands raids, wars, events etc. So I observe this for loooong time. If you don’t have some colors you get much more dices of colors you don’t have. Your enemy hits ALWAYS harder then you. This evade or resurrection is total BS. You have 12% chance but it feels like 30% because it happens way to often. Absolutely unbalanced heroes. Totally weak heroes from T20 training but absolutely overpowered heroes for diamonds(if you get ones). After 2 years playing in DON’T have ANY special heroes only 2 HOTM.

DON’T spend any money on this game is absolutely worthless.

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