I'm done - bye everyone!


(Not) Happy to say I officially uninstalled E&P today after 4-5 years. Been playing less and less and it got pointless after a while.

You all know the reasons. This game has the worst management I ever seen. Sadly it reached a point that it isn’t fun anymore. Sadly it is just about sadness, disappointment and non sense hero strength. At least for me.

It’s okay though. There are better options around.

Have fun everyone.
Hope zynga never buy any games I play again, LOL. I won’t download any games from it again. I am traumatized…

Wish I could keep playing it but this game has nothing to offer. Best regards all! What an awesome community we have done!!!


enjoy being paroled lol


All the very best for your future endeavours. Take care.


Understandable. Considering it myself too. The fun’s kinda gone now.


More time to search for good Tacos now.


I wish for you nothing but happiness in your future endeavors…be well!


All the best to you BOH. Hope you find a happier place to enjoy your time.

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The main problem of this game use that after a certain point there’s very little to look up to, the poetry is gone.


It’s the law of diminishing returns. The longer you play the less novelty there is.

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Enjoy your new adventures in the gaming world. :tada:

Get a VR set. Best gaming fun ive had in years.

This ad was brought to you by a middle-aged technophobe.


all the best, hope you find more fun and fulfilling games!

Sounds understandable.

All the best.

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They’ll have withdrawal in 6 months and download knowing all their heros are just sitting there and camp has turned gold full of food and iron

All of these phone games are RIP OFFS and this game the only players with strong characters/hero’s are the people that paid Thousands $$!!! Greedy Apple is partly to blame because they force a percentage of the APPlication Programs Profits!!
Hope you find some platform like Steam where you can buy a game and not forced to buy other garbage to advance and never need to pay another cent.

  • Constructive criticism is welcome, but criticize ideas, not people. ← I mocked a Greedy Corporation not ‘people’
    Hope you find a Cool game that isn’t on a stupid phone! Have Fun.

We use smart phones not stupid phones


Veering wildly off topic…

Are phones “smart” ? In and of themselves, no they are not. In my opinion anyway. They do precisely nothing without our input and sit on the table redundant until we pick them up. A swiss army knife of a contraption on which we make calls, send texts, access the Interweb, or even play games!

Back on topic…

@BuffOlderHeroes. You’ve made the decision to step out of empires, as have many others, including yours truly. May you make the most of your (now) extra free time. :slightly_smiling_face:


Good wishes to quitters… they have their reasons - realisation!

About blaming everything but self … well… they & all know who is the final responsible one to decide to play or not !

Playing for years … didn’t happen by fluke due to bad product… but quitting is based on dissatisfaction… which is valid for the person but seems… expressed poetically❗️

Calling the phone names had me :rofl: & attempted smart talk :man_facepalming:t2::rofl::exclamation:

Those hoping the find a free game, never to spend for anything … is updated, good / fun game… please share for all of us to join up…:exclamation:



This isn’t really true. Your smartphone does quite a bit whilst “idle” with zero “input” from yourself. Constantly sending and receiving updates, Location data, Network data, some even listen to every word you say and record temperature to name but a few things. There’s a reason they’re smart and getting smarter. Don’t be fooled into thinking they do nothing whilst idle.

Just one gamer’s opinion


The game is a slow progression snail race. It encompasses all edges team work when enjoying a great alliance. I personally believe lots and lots of players were inside a long term group think alliance that broke their spirit as spenders progressed faster. However, it really is not about shiny candy heros of the moment but long term troop development and strategy. Merc a few titans, build your resources, experience better groups and progress in a smarter way. Dont get stuck as it kills your game. Best of luck in future solving strategy solutions outside of game too. All the best!