I'm curious please advise

hello all. I am player still developing and have just finally got my 5th 5star. I am wonder if any more advanced players can simulate my lineup and give me feedback.
Ares, Seshat, Freya, justice and just got Telluria. Should i move emblems from Ares to Telluria
What should I expect from this lineup. Thank all who reply in advance

You have excellent 5* heroes but many of them are quite defence heavy.

You say you are still developing (aren’t we all…)…can you post your roster?

Are your 5* all levelled?

If not, your 4* may be better in the medium term.

I would suggest a line up if sesh-areas-telly-freya - other

Justice is really only effective at tank and ares and telly are better than her.

hey JonahTheBard,
only Ares and seshat are fully leveled i have materials to fully ascend justice and Telluria( just need the heros to sacrafice). my 4stars with at least 14 emblems are: Proteus, Gormek, Melendor, Li Xiu, Boril, Danzabura… fully ascended Kiril, caedmon, Kashrek, chao, sumitomo, mirewaeve

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