I'm confused - no one cares?- No compensation for server outage?

I do think that we’ll have something. Just wait, could be tomorrow or monday… We’ll see but I’d be surprised if they don’t give anything. A lot of ppl lost some world energies or so.

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I’ve been playing since May and no HOTM. I’ll take Kunchen as an apology

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I honestly don’t feel like Im owed anything for an accident.


I’m sorry, your attitude of perseverance and grit has no place in today’s whiny, victim-based culture. Please report for indoctrination.

<that was sarcasm in case anyone couldn’t tell>


Server just crashed again for me while in season two level 17. More lost flags. Not very happy.


I think that was just you… nobody else seemed tk jave that problem

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You aren’t owed anything.

IF they give a flask or something as reparation then you should be grateful.

Personally I hope they don’t, because apparently their kindness in the past has developed some sort of entitlement that they should compensate their players even for things outside their control.

Hey stuff happens. You missed out on PLAYING A FREAKIN GAME.

Get over it.


You’re all (including me) addicts. :rofl:

Server down for less an hour and some go crazy :shushing_face:

Shi… happens - so what? :hugs:


Well, I did get a little shaky and twitchy :joy::rofl:


SG should probably pay your medical bills.



They should have given one flask of each type instantly.

If somebody missed Morlovia because of this, it won’t be fixed on Monday.

If somebody was filling their last heroes in the heroes chest with their last raid flag and couldn’t play till the following day, that’s a chest that would’ve been available next day again and it wasn’t (or they had to use 20 gems).

Even this solution isn’t ideal, because some people probably rage quitted for the day after this, but when this unfortunate things happen (because they do and will continue to), doing a right thing shouldn’t be this difficult for SG.

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I used to consider this community to be one of the strongest reasons to play this game, I’ve had an absolute blast meeting some of the people in this game…but then I come to the forums and it’s the exact opposite experience. A simple post such as this asking about whether or not we will get any sort of compensation, or at least SOME kind of response in regards to what happened with the server outage/capacity being full etc, whatever the hell it was. Seems perfectly logical to me, as the OP stated, it may not seem like the time lost was valuable to others, but to him it was…same with me. It wasn’t even necessarily my time as much as it was the 20 world energy I lost, and it was extremely inconvenient at the time it occurred. I don’t think it’s wild and out of the question at all to expect something in return because of this. Yet we have incredibly rude people coming out to call people like me self entitled and expecting SG to roll over backwards for me anytime something happens in the game, which is just plain absurd. There are plenty of things I let go and I don’t bring up things to these forums hardly ever, nor do others. But as soon as we do, there is a team of other players waiting to ridicule us, it’s really getting old. These forums are a massive disappointment.


I appreciate this post; this is a good post

I’m sorry you feel that way, but it’s pretty much guaranteed that any forum online is going to have someone willing to argue against whatever you post.

In this case, the outage was annoying. It was also late on a Friday afternoon in Finland and outside of a lot of people’s normal work hours (if it were Sweden they’d likely be at the local pub having their Friday “afterwork”). You may or may not get compensated for anything, but I probably wouldn’t expect anything on that front until Monday.


If the other posts disagreeing with my, and others points of view were more constructive like yours then you never would have seen me make such a post. I have no problem with adversity, or different opinions in general, I welcome them with open arms. It’s the insulting, rude, extremely condescending undertone that has made me bitter.


There’s been a bit of blood in the water this past week, certainly some other threads have required ongoing firefighting. But in general I think this is one of the more strictly moderated forums.

Hopefully people will chill out when the thread(s) in question have run their course :slight_smile:


I like this post…it is logical, well thought out and makes sense…:grin::grin:

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I Just Stated the loss I suffered front the server breakdown. SG is a business they earn a lot of money by advertisements because of us, over 1M players/clients. If a company in anyway fails it is normal tot compensatie one way or the other.

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IT is simply the Risk of doing business

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Maybe now that Zynga owns the game Small Giant isn’t that concerned.

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