I'm completing 5* team and need some advice


I wanna ask you what you think will be the best choose from this heroes?

I have:

  • Sartana
  • Leonidas, Vivica, Justice, Joon
  • Richard, Isarnia
  • Horghall, Elkanen
  • Azlar, Marjana

I have also all standard 4* + Hansel, Gafar

My choose is:
Isarnia - Marjana - Horghall(tank) - Sartana - Joon
but maybe:
-Hansel/Horghall - Marjana - Richard (tank) - Sartana - Joon

Thanks for any advice

i think you would be disappointed if you’d choose Hoghall


Try Vivica, Isarina, Mariana, Joon, Santana

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I recived Elkanen few minutes ago, but I dont think that worth to ascend

Unless you have the materials to fully ascend these 5* and/or you already have a solid team of maxed 4* heroes, You should focus on 4* development first.

That said, for these 5* choices:

Dark - Sartana is great. Do it.
Holy - Joon and Vivica are the top. I’d lean Vivica here as you have no other healing options at the 5* level
Ice - Either is a good option. Probably go with Richard.
Nature - Honestly, wait. Neither of these guys is worth the materials. Look out for Lianna or try to get this month’s HOTM (Gregorian)
Fire - I’m a Marjana fan. But both are solid options.

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All depend what are your needs. When you complete defence team as i understand, then i can reccomend you isarnia, vivica, marjana,sartana and joon. I would not lvl up any of your green one. Rather wait for lianna instead of joon :slight_smile: but i can tell you true, i already killed Zero and he have really good defence team, but everyone attack with 3+2 or 2+2+1 ( number of heroes with same colour ) and it is more about luck then strategy and then doesnt matter what you have :slight_smile:

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I agree with the advice above on 5*. I don’t know how far along you are with these 4*, but if you don’t have a solid 4* team, I would start there. They are much cheaper/faster to complete, and with a solid 4* bench you can complete all the rare quests and challenge event levels (with battle items). Both Hansel and Gafar are excellent 4* heroes; I’ve prioritzed mine (did Hansel while waiting for Gregorion, workers no Gafar while waiting for Panther :crossed_fingers:).

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