I'm buying Zynga stock

Hate SG and their practices? Hate that they sucker you into spending your cash for a hero that they later nerf? Tired of paying $$$ for armies of Dawas and Renfelds? Wish you could get your money back? Well, tough […], you’re not getting back a single red cent.

If you can’t beat them, join them. Buy Zynga stock. I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but it’s not about punishing SG, it’s about rewarding yourself. You spend hundreds or thousands of dollars (Euros, Rubles, Pesos etc.), and you are nobody to them…you are a number in their financial reports. You spend the same amount on their stock, and now you are a shareholder. Those “top dogs” who spent thousands of dollars to build perfect lineups, have multiples of every HOTM, just so they can fight each other on the game? Now they are paying you.

And the best part? You are in the game. You have insider trading info. New HOTM sucks and you don’t think people will pull for them? Short sell. New hero is awesome and people will spend like crazy to get them? Buy. If memory serves, E&P is second highest earning game Zynga owns. And you know the game makes bank, you’ve experienced it first hand. They are in the market where bait and switch is legal because you clicked “I agree to Terms and Conditions” checkbox, and guess what…so did everyone else. You think this is the last time they unroll a hot moneymaker and cashed in on the pulling frenzy? You think they will stop after this? Or do you think they are money hungry hustling machine who tricks people out of their money? Put your $$$ where your mouth is.

Granted, I’m not going to put my life savings into Zynga stock, who knows what’ll happen to them. But I’ll invest enough to where if they start losing money, at least I will have something to console myself with…the fact that their greed got the best of them. It’s that green DoT they are scared of.


Bud, I’m not sure I agree with your reasoning for buying stocks - but totally agree with the concept lol. Reading your post and realizing maybe your venting a bit- that’s ok. I purchase stocks/invest as a secondary income and more often then not come out on the winning end. Reason I’m replying is because in the past I’ve bought stocks in certain game companies my kids were into or myself and done real well. You’ll look at things a whole lot differently when the game your playing is killing it for you in the form of extra income… You definately will have a whole different perspective on the monetary “issues” in “game”.


It’s a multifaceted decision:

  1. As an investment opportunity, I never realized how much people spend on mobile games. This is my first game in a while, I don’t play Candy Crush, Clan Wars or anything else. I messed with Hungry Shark a little because it was a way to disconnect my brain, but that’s about it. I come here, and I see people spending hundreds at a chance to get a hero, getting mad because they didn’t get the heroes they wanted, then come back and pull again. I’ve done it myself, it is a very compelling mechanic. In short, I am investing in a casino. The Motley Fool had an article about the game, I believe, saying that SG is a sleeping giant.

  2. Nobody wants to be the sucker. I’ve spent a few hundred on the game so far, and with the way the game is designed, you can’t help but feel like a sucker. We pay money for something we don’t get to own. If that doesn’t make one a sucker, I don’t know what does. Now I could just decide to go f2p, but there are still people paying money to the company, and oftentimes they get an edge in the game. Warren Buffett said “Stock market is a device that transfers money from the impatient to the patient.” I’ll paraphrase him in this case and say stock market is a device that transfers money from p2w to shareholders (a.k.a. moi).

  3. When I sell something of mine to a friend, I set the price that I myself would pay for that item. That way, if my friend doesn’t like it, I gladly take it back. The reason for that is because I don’t look to profit from a friend. I do it to convert an item into equivalent purchasing power. So part of me buying Zynga stock is that if the company loses money, I get to gloat a little. That’s why the amount of money I am going to invest is directly related to how much that feeling is worth to me. In other words, would I pay a $1,000 to see Zynga go down the drain? If so, I am willing to invest that much. Sort of a counterbalance mechanism.

So it’s not all emotional, it’s not all rational. It’s sort of in between, and depending on how it goes, I am looking forward to seeing whether I start seeing the game as a shareholder or a player.


Totally get where you’re coming from, and a year or two ago, I probably would’ve bought stock in this game. Not sure that would be such a wise investment right now though (unless you’re going for the short sale) :grin:


But that’s the beauty part of being involved in the things you’ve invested in… you can realize hey- this thing was killing it great investment I’ll hold onto it… or- hey my stock went up and I’ve made x% but my gut is telling me things are going to drastically change and nows the time to get out.


But realize a few things before you make your judgement on “the company” here running the game. Most people have skills in the buisness/ interest there in. Doesn’t mean there good at all aspects of that buisness. So, these guys have designed a great game- we can all agree. So, we can safely say “the team” are good designers of mobile app games. Doesn’t mean they are ; good Marketers, PR , financial accountants or any other buisness aspect. Now, most companies will “hire out” what they are not good at or try to take it on themselves… it’s kinda where I view SG is at right now.

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Yes, but Zynga is well-established in mobile gaming world. I see their games everywhere. Their stock has quadrupled in price during the last 5 years, and it seems to be going strong.

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Bingo!!! Your absolutely correct. Zynga runs “all there” games like a buisness. Read my post just above- Sg and our game here is owned by Zynga and they will put the heat on for profits - especially when games are doing exceptionally well because of the “lock down” in the world right now. Personally, this nerfing heroes thing and crappy “releases” will come to an end after one bad quarterly review in my opinion. Now, you can invest in the stock and reap profits or you can go the opposite way and uninstall the game to protest. But me, I’ll support the game I like which is supporting the buisness I invest in. Trust me, when I was sitting in the Carribean for 3 months this winter or sitting in Brazil next winter ( if travels allowed) I’ll enjoy playing this game and no- blowing a few hundred on it won’t bother me a bit.


Zynga is well established for their great skill in buying the rights to games that smaller developers have created.

One has to wonder how much actual influence they have over the direction of this game itself, whether or not they plan on just “milking it until it’s dry, then disposing of it entirely”… and whether or not SGG regrets having “sold out” to them in the first place.

Though every time I post things like this, I realize I am wading into dangerous territory… but then, what’s the worst I could lose? An account that I’ve spent over $100 and nearly two years working on… I’d be quite mad if that were all suddenly pulled out from under me. But… I have read the ToS. And am fully aware that it is well within their rights to do so, at any time, for any reason. What can I do about it? Like every other player here - not a goddamned thing. :man_shrugging:


If I had to guess- I would say Zynga buys out SG. SG keeps there staff and runs daily operations and is just subjected too a quarterly review. Probably, any “major changes” or “spending” would have to be ok’ed but more then likely they are accounted for by numbers. Maybe, there’s some bad sediment that SG is trying to “hold on to control” it’s there game mentality has driven the “nerfs” and crappy HOTM releases…but who knows


They are most likely milking it. Thing is, if you invest in the company, you get some of the milk.

Be careful, though. If you invest, then you will have a financial interest in the company succeeding, and you might be tempted to become a forum cheerleader. And from what I hear, forum cheerleaders are bad…? :wink:

On the other hand, investing in the company and then bashing their product on the forujm would be contributing negatively to your own financial success, too.

For my part, I’ll just stay out of the market, so I can complain or cheer as I please with no consequences. This is still the internet, right??

Good gaming!


It’s not like anyone is listening lol

If all those voices against Telluria nerf mattered, Zynga’s stock would have crashed a week ago. That’s the thing, I can talk all the $#!t I want, it wouldn’t change anything.

In fact, being a shareholder, I can b!+c# in clear conscience knowing that I have interest in the game’s success. So if I voice my opinion about how a decision by the company may cost it money, I am not just a whino…because I didn’t invest my hard earned cash in gems, I invested it in the company…that makes me part owner of the company. It’s a small part, but still.

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Quarterly review means that SG is now under increased pressure to continue producing profits. A company that is pressured to deliver profits is almost certainly not acting in the best interests of their customers. See the problem here?

This is true, which is why I agreed with your initial premise on the basis of personal financial gain. But as an actual player who has already accepted the fact that E&P is “a marathon, not a sprint”, the last thing I want to see happen is for the game servers to shut down before I’m even able to level up a proper diamond level raid team. :man_facepalming:

IMO, forum cheerleaders are neither bad nor good. Unless they’re secretly employed by Z/SG to post false opinions - in which case, definitely bad. If you honestly like the game and don’t care about nerfs and low summon rates and whatnot? Cool! I myself like the game. Not personally mad about the nerfs, though I understand why others would be. Hate the summon rates, which is why I refuse to spend money on them.

But that brings up my own dilemma. I want this game to stick around, but I also want them to be less stingy. They need to make money. They’ve got to get that money from someone, and I’ve already decided that someone is “anyone but me”. So… do I root for them to bleed other poor suckers dry, so that I can continue to enjoy the game as a FTP? Two problems I have with that. One, I don’t want them to bleed any of their customers without giving them something good in return. Two - counterpoint to the first point - I also don’t want paying players to get even more advantages than they already have over me.

Total rock vs. hard place conundrum.


the shareholder meetings would be more entertaining than the game…

Whether you root or not, it changes nothing. Those poor suckers (along with Mystic Vision) keep the game going, so they will bleed them as long as the players are willing to bleed.
If you’re willing to spend cash, you can build yourself a better team; if you’re not willing to spend it, you might as well benefit from those who do. Do you think they feel bad for f2p players when they raid you?

What happens on a place like this for cheering/ bad mouthing has no effect on the stock price. The bottom line- ironically is “the bottom line” measure- the only thing considered. I get what your referencing about :sunglasses:and it makes me chuckle to be honest. Consider this, company pays 700 million to buy out another company…do they just buy and say “you’ve been doing great” just carry on and we will see you on payday? Do they phone up Finland daily and just say “how’s it going?” Or, do they have people they hire to put in place in the office, or contractors they “recommend” to hire that report back to them or even guys to play the game and “troll” the forumns. You can make 1000 threads asking for SG staff to be more involved… I guarantee Zynga has people here - probably conversing with you, regularly monitoring all sorts of things and helping form further interaction between Zynga and SG in the future. They would be crazy if they didn’t :wink:

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They will most likely send us a corporate proxy form, but yes, it would be entertaining.

I know everyone hates the summoning rate. Totally get it. But, honestly- if people just played and spent what they decided was reasonable… (you do honestly get enough free stuff and heroes) they’d do fine. The problem is- people want to do “really well” and get all those good heroes- that’s what drives the over spending… it’s like they do it too themselves and blame the odds after. Just what I noticed- heck I’ve done it myself lots. It’s, why these games are so profitable.


Buy 1 stock and you can get all the info you like on the company. Literally public info to the stock holders.


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