I'm bored and very unhappy

… they took war away…

Does this mean we get Farholme Pass tomorrow… @mhalttu @Petri :wink:


That makes 2 of us. Is the challenge event this Thursday?

It should be, I think. It’s normally the second Thursday of the month, which this Thursday will be.


More time to level! :smiling_imp:


Absolutely! That’s how I look at it as well :grin: It’s really amazing to see how much you can level a team in just one week.


Pirates of Corellia!

…unless they decide to surprise us with Wonderland… DUN DUN DUN!

It’s really amazing to see how much you can level a team in just one week.

It really is! I’ve basically bee-lined straight to TC13 since I started and now that I’m there, I’ve paused a little to get my food buildings up to snuff and such… WOW! I’ve managed like, 6 or 7 ascensions in these short few days. My teams are soo much stronger even after just a week of focused attention. It’s kinda incredible. :sunglasses:


This means more than just a war break.
It means that a mega add featurs are coming up.
Some thing big as used to be is aproching.
Just wait and be happy.
Or hmm we will see … hope that Zynga’s theme not yet to be add to the game intro … cause I will miss SGG in that place.

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Ya know, in their New Years announcement they did make mention of a new raid mode… but… why would they put a pause on wars in order to implement a new raid feature? Aren’t those two systems rather distinct?

Double points for the next one thank you :face_with_monocle:

I correct myself, triple.
You need to recover what we lost and add another as apology :face_with_monocle:

From a development perspective, adding the war break is cautionary. Many unexpected things can happen during a product release (speaking in a general sense and not just about SGs releases). I believe the break is just a way to disrupt our game play as little as possible :smile:


To stop a system (AW) focusing on only the new relase of coming update is a good way to get less complains about war in support center … to get just all eyes on the coming updats and the could be glitches coming among any new add to the game.
Its a way to make the game less stressful to devs and staff … with taking in mind that Zynga is taking over so this with a full system running may cause a game errors, bugs or glitches. That is no one want to have.

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