I'm A Rookie, Need Help!


These are my first three teams. I just summon Colen, Gormek & Azar. What To Do? :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:


You don’t need three complete different teams. You can you each hero also in the second and third team.

So at the beginning you should just use your strongest heroes for everything, as you don’t have enough food for levelling two heroes of one colour at the same time. So I would stick to Obakan, Karil and Melendor at the moment. If you want a second yellow hero, you can level Kailani, but I would not put to much effort into hero. As red hero you really should start leveling Colen. He is just amazing. As soon as he is tougher than Kelile you can put him into your team. But don’t change them earlier.


Pretty much what Alaine said. You stop leveling Nat and Oberon and all the 2nd and 3rd teams and focus on a good main team. Tibertus and Colen will be your best friend for a long time… When you have mats to take a 5* past 3rd ascension you then can decide to level them depending on what your team needs at that point.


Don’t get rid of your leveled up 3* heroes though. You may want them in the future monthly events.


Yeah that Knights Of Avalon challenge man that kick my butt. That was my first time doing a challenge so I didn’t quite understand the rules and then when I went to go do it and seeing I couldn’t use my five star players I barely made it through the beginners stage. LOL


I had Kailani a few weeks ago but I didn’t understand her powers so…she gone.


Ah, sorry … I meant Dawa.


That’s too bad because the Spirit Link power (she and Gunnar have it) is amazingly powerful at the 3* level.


I didn’t know/understand her powers so I really didn’t know how to utilize her so I got rid of her :slightly_frowning_face:


It’s safe to say: NEVER get rid of your original 4* and 5*.

If you intend to enter the Beginning Events, NEVER get rid of your original 3* (and keep 1 or 2 of your 2* troops as well).


I just summon a legendary hero Thorne. With my current lineup where do you think I should put them


I would strongly advise you to put Obakan on a shelf and work on Tibertus. Fully developing a 5* hero is stunningly expensive, in terms of ascension materials, feeder heroes and ham. Strong 4* heroes like Tibertus give you a team that lets you kill 8* titans, to get the rare mats to ascend 5* heroes.


Probably on a shelf for development later. What is your current lineup?



I also have Colen, Gormek & Azar.


Right, you posted this earlier. My bad.

I drew Thorne early and it led me down a bad path, working on leveling him far earlier than I could afford to. I would urge you to park Thorne for a time and finish Valen, the strongest of your blue 3*. Get a blue 4*—ideally Sonya or Kiril, given that you have Tibertus (who is is very similar to Grimm)—and level it. Join a good alliance, take down big titans, start gathering rare ascension materials.

I sound like I hate on 5* heroes a lot. I love them and mostly use them, but building them too early actually slows your progress. Most 5* don’t really excel until their final ascension, and collecting those mats is a slow grind. Leveling them uses feeders and hams that mid-level players can produce only by diverting all resources there. A fully leveled 4* is typically better than a 3/70 5* and costs far less in resources.

Tl;dr: build a strong 3* team, then a 4* team, then transition in 5*. Join a good alliance, slay titans, collect loot.


@Kerridoc This is my current lineup! Are you saying I should rest Obakan & play Tiburtus?



Yes, that would be the best thing to do.


I can’t answer, it goes against forum rules :thinking:


Yes. Don’t be blinded by all the stars on Obakan and Thorne. Build up your team from the bottom, getting a good 3* team, then mix in 4*. Once you have a solid 4* team, you can start salting in 5*.

Tibertus is a better choice for now than Obakan. Valen is a better choice than Thorne for now, but getting a good 4* blue to replace Valen should be on your shopping list.