I'm a little green.. Please help me with 1st rainbow team

I’m a real noob at this,been playing for about a month i think… kind of don’t know what i’m doing.
This is my team atm, recently aquired LiXiu and Rigard so i’m thinking to replace Cyprian and bane but also i’m not happy with Skittleskull.
So i was just looking for advice in which of these nature 4* heros i should replace him with?
Just want to focus on a well balanced mainly 4* rainbow team for now, worry about a few 3* teams later for wars or whatever.
Oh and i have 1 other 5* hero only Zimkitha, tried her for a while but i think Khaghan is better.

For green, can’t go wrong with Buddy. Damage might be a little low but he hits 3 and does -attack and -defense, plus summons minions.

As for Zim, you won’t see her full potential till you level her a little more. Her attack is fine, and she hits all. Just make sure you trigger her before Kiril if you do pair them together.

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Rigard is the best 4* healer and li xiu is a good utility hero, you won’t regret leveling them. For your first green I think Caedmon is your best option. Dispel is important and he’s a fast mana hitter. I strongly recommend not leveling 5* heroes yet. The resources it costs is so expensive and it’s so time consuming, I couldn’t imagine trying to level a 5* hero without training camp 19 to pump feeder heroes out very quickly. But between Zimkitha and khagan, Zimkitha is worlds better. At her max level she has solid stats across the board it’s like 700, 700, 1400 give or take and she’s a fast mana hit all hero with a buff, a cleanse and element link. It’s comparing a fast mana hero who hits everyone to a slow mana hero who hits 3 but he really only hits 1 effectively. His buffs don’t compensate his slow mana.


What SWEG said: Max a good squad of 4* then work on 5*. A 4* maxed will iirc essentially have 40 more levels than the 3/70 5* for the same number of mats. When I was new and got Magni, I was super stoked, but thankfully had an experienced guild mate who told me Grimm max would be more useful to me than Magni at 3/70 for the same mats and he was right. Also two max 4* will provide you much more utility than a single 5* when you’re new. I’ve now got a 6 max 5* on my roster, but the strength of my team is my stable of maxed 4* so I can pick and choose the best team to take for the given battle.

As for your heroes, you will never regret maxing Buddy even at high levels, you’ll still use him. Caedmon also is good choice for green so you have a dispel. You will never regret maxing Kiril either - I have kiril and use him all the time, even used him on defense over a 5* for a while until I maxed Delilah as my healer. Rigard is very good too - I use him over a 5* often when I’m raiding just because of the cleanse.

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@Ads77 You have to understand first that a rainbow team is not always the best solution to your problems. Out of necessity I have been using a long time a 3 red / 2 purple team and to my surprise, now that I could deploy a rainbow team, I find the 3 / 2 system a lot more effective in raid offence. I also would bring Cyprian on every raid keeping him in center position. He might pleasantly surprise you… Also build your defense around Cyprian or Kashreck, they are your current best tank options. And one more thing. Don’t expect great things until your heroes are close to being maxed.

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Thank you everyone for all your advice, i’m glad i decided to ask now before i levellled the wrong heroes too much.
I will take on board all that has been said and appreciate all input very much. :blush::+1:

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I now have a clear plan of attack and am somewhat more confident on the path to take so thanks again guys! :wink:

get rid of that skittleskull asap lol, one of the worst 4*, go with caedmon or buddy since you already have a tank for now, caed hit harder and faster also debuff which is useful, buddy’s atk is really low but he has a nice skill also tanky, up to what you want.

I wouldn’t get rid of any 4* heroes until I had a full 6 hitter teams well in process. 5 unleveled 4* heroes of the right color can still punch a tank in alliance war. Extra slots are relatively cheap.

you can still use it when you are out of heroes, i’m talking about start leveling another green, if you think i’m telling him to feed skittleskull away, nah

I took out bane and i been using this set up and element link seems to be working for me, i just topped 1k cups for the 1st time.

This is the set up i’m considering… Still not certain though. As you can see in this ss my only 4* red atm is kelile.

Any thoughts on this set up?

I beg to differ, Skittle is not bad whatsoever, however he can only shine at high lvls

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