I'm a hero hoarder and I need help. Evelyn is hungry and I've got no space!

I’m a hero hoarder.

  • I keep way more 3* heroes than I should in hopes of being competitive in rare challenge events someday.
  • One plan I had was keep one extra of each 4* hero beyond what I thought I’d level up. (And I haven’t eaten any 5* heroes yet.)
  • Another plan was to keep 18 4* / 5* heroes of each color so I could triple-stack against any unified tank in war. (Perhaps 19 green’s since I’m keeping one Kashhrek I never plan to level up, see above)

This is getting out of hand…I’ve got 21 greens NOT counting my 3*s, and I plan to chase after Buddy as well, and could get a spare Evelyn while I’m at it.

I plan to level up Evelyn and Lianna when I get Sone tonics. I might level up Kadilen, tho I doubt I’ll level up Elk. That makes 4~5 5* plus 3~2 spares I never expect to level.

I’m planning to level up Gadeirus mostly for blue titans, but he will see use in a blue tank war. (Dropped him behind Evelyn). I could level up a spare Melendor or Caedmon for war, but how likely is that really? Especially a third! Little John is in the back of the line so far. I keep waiting for the minions to become so common raiding that I want to level up Gobbler … but that really doesn’t justify keeping a spare. My only Kashhrek I’m keeping just to have a full aet, I’ll never level him, and Skittles isn’t much more likely!

So … 3 maxed 4*. 1 on hold that I hope to get back to someday. 10 fresh ones sitting in my roster, and I’m having trouble coming up with a good reason to level up more than 4 of them, and that is probably a stretch. Aaaaand I still want Buddy more badly than any of the ones I’ve got waiting.

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As far as season 1 heros go, if i dont use it or wont level it within the next month, i eat it cause i know I’ll get em again before I’m ready to level em. Just me tho.


This is not out of hand. This is smart. I make it a policy to hang on to at least 2 of every 4* and 5* hero. Heroes that are especially useful like Kiril, Rigard, Wilbur, Hansel, Panther, Evelyn, etc I hang on to more. The slots in your hero house start out cheap and get more expensive as you go along. I’d buy them early on while they are fairly inexpensive and let your leveling increase your hero house from there.

That being said, I have over 200 saved heroes on both accounts and every time I go through to see who I can eliminate to make room I find no one that I want to eliminate.

Seasonal heroes come once a year, so I tend to hang on to them much longer than any others. Eventually I feed them down to 2 of each because realistically I’m not going to train up more than 2 due to limited Ascension items.

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That’s a really good strategy, @Rigs, and I’d be 100% there, except that I keep telling myself that I’m about done throwing money at summoning heroes and getting food S1 4*\s and food 3*\s by the bucketful, so I keep them for a longer term plan … that and while I do get a lot of them to eat, If there was one specific hero I wanted (say, a second Caedmon or first LJ), my odds of getting that quickly are still quite low.

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I’d eat gobbler, kash and skittle. U have ares, no need for kash. Gobbler is too niche to be worth mats in my opinion. And skittle, well he’s just skittle.


I agree on keeping more of the useful heroes, and I’ve not gotten enough 5* heroes to eat any of them. Yet. And I’m looking at my list of who I’ve given shields to / who I’m thinking of giving them to:

  • 5 leveled: Caedmon, Melendor, Greg, Jack, Tarlak
  • 4 planned: Evelyn, Gadeirus, Lianna.
  • 3 considered: Kadilen, Little John, Gobbler
  • 1 I don’t have: Buddy. (Not counting chances of getting Mother North or Morgan, both of whom I’d would make the list.)
  • That’s a total of 13 of the largest 18 that seems kinda like an excessive limit already, leaving 5 slots.
  • 2 unlikely (Duplicate Caedmon or Melendor), leaving three slots.
  • In those 3 slots, I’ve got 6 spare Caed, Mel, Gobbler, Gadeirus, and my only Kash and Skittles. And I’d rather hold a second Buddy than a third Caed or Mel.
  • And that’s not counting the 5*s I’m not planning to ever level: Elk and spare Greg.

I’ve only got 133 slots. I may have to buy a few more, as well as eat some heroes.

For me [personally], I’ve only been keeping dupes of the heroes I can’t get in TC’s (that are good). The only dupes I keep of the season one heroes are the solid 5*, or else I eat them away. My justification is that eventually, when I don’t have so many heroes to level and can focus on dupes, I’ll be able to get them again in TC’s.

Since event heroes only come around every four months, I’ve been keeping one dupe of all of the good heroes I get. Same with Atlantis and HOTM, since they’re all limited time heroes. However, with HOTM I’ve been willing to keep up to three if it’s an amazing card- would possibly keep more than that depending on the hero and their versatility and ability. My current max is two for most though.

If you do a lot of summons, the events and Atlantis heroes will come back around again- so not a huge deal. If you’re F2P or C2P, then maybe I’d err on the side of caution.

For the regular 4*, I would only keep a max of one dupe aside from healers [for war] (BT, Kiril, Rigard, Melendor, and Sabina) and the amazing heroes (Grimm mostly, maybe another Wu if you love using his buff for war, Chao if you’re lacking mana controllers for war, Tibs for another defense down, and Caedmon & Sonya if you’re lacking dispellers).

Also, I like keeping my last copy of every 4*, even Skittles, just because I like variety and having options (and I like having them all). If you don’t care much for that, Skittles, Kash and Agwe can definitely go. Maybe even Boril and Cyprian if you don’t care for riposte. & Any other hero you’ve never used and know you never will.

The 5*, I would eat away any dupes of the heroes that you’ll probably never use even the first copy, so for me that’s Elkanen, Kadilen, Horghall, Khagan, Thorne, Justice, Quintus, and Leonidas. Probably a few others, but that’s the majority. I probably won’t ever spend the mats to fully ascend any of these heroes, so I don’t see myself ever leveling a dupe of them either.

The 3*, I would stick to keeping a max of five per color. I don’t see a reason for keeping more than that, unless you have a collect them all mentality. I know I do, so I can understand that. Most will never get used, even for events. Graymane, Prisca, Renfeld, Dawa, Vlad, Oberon, and Ishhtak can all go. They serve no purpose. There are a few more, but those heroes at least have a slight purpose on a team; Friar can heal and raise mana gen, Carver cuts mana for all, Karil hits alright, and Jahangir’s burn could be useful. & The rest are definitely keepers.

After saying all of this, I would keep in mind that there is something in the works involving dupes and raising SS. I don’t know what it is, but it’s something to think about before eating away any dupes you’re unsure about.

To be honest though, if I’m unsure about eating any of my heroes, I would much rather spend the gems to expand my hero roster space than eat away someone I might later come to regret. Expanding space is cheap, and definitely worth it. I can hold 155, and it’s only 200 gems to expand it another 5 (for me). That’s less than a summons still, so worthy enough to consider.

This is just how I handle my roster; it might not be what works for you, but figured I’d share anyway :blush:

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Well said Randa. I really do regret eating all of those Athena, Musashi and Alberich


I’m hoarding heroes myself and need more space, like you. The only hope I have is that SG takes into account, that more and more new heroes a coming and we urgently need more space. More space isn’t so cheap. I’m f2p and collect gems until I can do a 10x summon. I’m waiting months!!!:scream: When I buy more and more space…

Oh man, I would’ve loved that extra Athena :flushed:

You at least kept one copy of them, right?!

If you did, well then that’s better than eating them all away completely :sweat_smile:

I was smart enough to keep two copies of all 5* heroes, so I have one copy of each maxed and at 3-70


I’m normally for variety over duplicates of even very good heroes. But I have made exceptions for heroes I really don’t like/have a use for:

  • Duplicate Grimm and Kiril ascended ahead of both Agwe and Boril at 1/1 (And duplicate Sonya is at 3/60).
  • Duplicate Boldtusk and Gravemaker started ahead of Kelile, Colen, and Sumitomo, at 1/1 and Lancelot left at 3/60…but as soon as I get one more hidden blade, I’ll be ascending Ares and putting those two on hold. (And I’ve got a bunch of red trainers further clogging up my inventory while I wait too, dang it!)

Kash seems utterly worthless to me. I’ve got better 5* tanks now, so he won’t make my defense team. And I understand him to be so bad as to be nearly worthless on offense. Even if he’s buffed strongly (seems unlikely since he is very good in his niche!), he still won’t be better than a good 5* tank, and he still won’t be as useful on offense as Melendor or Caedmon.

My old plan for the game is to keep Kash in my inventory but never level him up.

At the time, I didn’t have over 30 4*+ heroes (for war attacks), or over a dozen green 4*+ heroes (enough to double green in all my war attacks), so conceivably I would run out of better green 4* heroes and level him up. Not now. I’ve obviously got way more than that now!

@RandaPandah or anybody else who likes to keep one copy of all (4*) heroes, please make me a case for why a year from now, I’ll be glad that those two are still in inventory, still at tier 1, level 1. Or make a case for me leveling either of them if you think you can.

Evelyn is looking hungry, and while space is cheap, it just seems like wasted gems if I don’t have a good reason to keep the heroes at all.

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Just buy more hero slots if you can afford it since it doesn’t cost much.

This is what I do:
5* - keep all regardless of dupes
4* - keep 1 of each and dupes (up to 5) for those who are grade-A to me
3* - eat every 3* except seasonal/event heroes (not even S2 heroes)

3* are a waste of space for me when I dont play the rare challenges.

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