I'm a beginner, can you help me?

Hello, this is my first post so dont be rude with me please.

I got this heroes :
Sabina(3x60) Gretel(3x60) Grimm(3x60) Lianna(3x70) Wilbur(3x60) --> this is my raid team

Lianna(3x70) Sabina(3x60) Redhood(3x30) Gretel(3x60) Valeria(3x60) — this is my defense team

And i got this heroes, what to level up or what to change ?

Rigard(3x60), G. Jackal(3x23), Hansel(2x17), Marjana(2x51), Sonya(3x19), Kelile(3x15), Tiburtus(3x1), Vivica(no level), Dominitia(2x60), Buddy(no level), Chao(no level), Evelyn(no level)

Any help will be appreciate, thank in advance.

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Me as well so can’t gave u proper advice. But if you don’t have alliance, u can join in our ally, and there u
Can ask and get expert advise with my leader and co lead. We are very solid as a team and u will enjoy staying there.(Out of topic sorry)

Back to the topic , you have marvelous heroes and I believe it easier for other to help you decide if you upload your roster with acension material as well.

Generally speaking, newcomers like you need to concentrate on creating a solid four star team first and foremost. Grimm, Rigard, Kelile, Jackel, and Hansel would be the rainbow team that I would max first. A top notch four star team can take you very far in this game. Don’t worry about five star heros right now because you are a long way from getting the supplies needed to max them.


Love this advice, but Imho , maybe Wilbur first before kelile since he is very useful for Titan as well.

After Grimm move to Sonya
After Rigard move to Tibs** ( mine I bring Tibs first to fully ascend, and Rigard wait in 3/60)

I also have Wilbur and agree that he should be maxed early on. But, I would prefer a couple attackers (like Kelile first) to take advantage of Grimm’s armor down.

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Me to thinking for attacker , but Kelile will just 3/60, if Scarlet maybe I choose her. (But it always interesting part to have different idea and reason)

You have a great selection for a new player. Congrats! :slight_smile:

If I may, I echo the advice to work on a 4* team first.

You can check the stats on fully leveled regular heroes on the Summon Gate; event heroes and HOTM (hero of the month) heroes must be screenshot while they are still available (I.e., now). Being able to compare the stats of maxed, final form heroes can help you decide between leveling this or that one.

Good luck!


I am new as well and just wondering when or if Guen is going to be on sale or a chance to get her. If anyone can help that would be great.

Thanks in advance,


@Trillin you can try to get her during Knights of Avalon event starting on 13th… no guarantee, but she’ll be avail then. Start saving your gems, epic troop coins or weekly allowance & good luck!

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@Unum1c, there will be lots of advice thrown your way now. Most of it is sound, but most is, also, meant for f2p/c2p. Your roster screams you are a spender. That changes alot of things.

I would advise working on 4s first, but not moving most past 3^60. Jackal, Hansel and Buddy will be positive forces for you longer than most 4s. Gretel and Wilber as well. If your luck continues, Kiril and Wu Kong are regular Season 1 4s in this group of must keep heroes.

The calendar sales are important if you continue spending. Learn the ascension materials needed for all your heroes, and how to get them.

Good luck.


Thanks for the tips! I will spend some money, but not like others will.

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If you can’t ascend any of your heroes right now, I would focus on building all of your 4* to 60 first, then start on your 5* to 60 while you wait. Also, I would consider keeping some solid 3* to use during war, color-stacking and events. If you do keep 3*, I’d work on them after the 4*.

3* Worth Keeping:

Red: Nashgar, Rudolph, Hawkmoon, Azar, Namahage
Blue: Valen, Ulmer, Gunnar, Gato
Green: Belith, Berden, Brienne, Mnesseus
Yellow: Bane, Gan Ju, Kailani, Melia
Purple: Balthazar, Tyrum, Chochin, Gill-Ra

For your 4* (If you can fully ascend the first couple I list, I would):

Red: Wilbur first for events and titans, BT if you pull him, Kelile last

Blue: Grimm is the best 4* blue, Kiril if you pull him, then Sonya for dispel, Valeria last

Green: Hansel is the best 4* so him first, then Buddy because he’s also pretty amazing, then Caedmon if you pull him (or Melendor)

Yellow: Gretel is solid and you’re far with her, then I’d do Jackal next (great for purple Titans and tanks, but needs another yellow with him), Chao after (unless you pull Wu, he moves to the front of the line then).

Purple: I’d take Rigard before Sabina, then Tibs for Titans and events, then Sabina (unless it’ll be awhile til you get Sonya in the works, then I’d move Sabina ahead of Tibs, dispelling is important)

As for your 5*, they are all really good. I wouldn’t bother with them just yet- at least not until you have at least three fully leveled 4* in each color, and are close to having all of the necessary mats to ascend them.

Red: Red Hood is amazing, and Marjana is a solid sniper that’s a jack of all trades, both worth the mats.

Green: Lianna is the best of her class, and Evelyn will be great in a green stack and for Titans, both worth the mats.

Yellow: If you lack healers for war, I’d get Vivica in the works sooner, she’s the best healer in the game. Worth the mats.

Purple: Domitia dispels buffs, but at average mana it’s not as helpful as Caedmon or Sonya, but she does have her place. She’s one I maybe would wait on ascending, but she’s good.


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