🦅 Ilmarinen – 5* Fire / Red from Legends of Kalevala

BK will serve you better unless you have at least one other taunter maxed (and probably even then) and unless you want to target high scores in Legendary Challenge events and/or Towers of Whatever or you need red hero for Rush modes.

Also, there’s Tahir coming in 10 days and looks solid. If she’s not nerfed and you’re lucky …


Also have to factor in that when Grace comes out in September, being an anti taunt hero, she can lock down BK. Up to you on what you want to ascend though

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Much appreciated for the insight. I used Ilmarnien at 3/70 for the slayers event and he was good enough.

I will hold onto the rings then.

I think keeping him at 3-70 is smart. I think for whales that have tons of rings and are competing for top 100 scores maxing ilmarinen makes a lot of sense. But outside of that, his skill set at slow speed is easily replaced by other more effective and useful heroes.

Ilmarinen is good for Ninja tower or ascend Tarlak fr this event?

Ilmarinen does a hefty defensive down, but there are many alternate heroes that can come close and often at faster mana speeds.

I think there are less heroes that come close to matching tarlak so it might be harder to find a decent replacement for tarlak.

So basically - if you have a good replacement for tarlak, I would say you should invest in ilmarinen. Otherwise, my guess is tarlak would help you more.

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Finally finished leveling Ilmarinen, and… with my roster, underperforms even my low expectations.

I knew he’d be problematic if not paired with several heavy-hitting hit-3, or preferably, hit-all heroes, but yeah even on raids/war so far, firing my Ilmarinen has a reasonable chance of helping me lose (because linking together opponents is so often bad for me, it outweighs the DD and mana cut). I don’t even want to think about linking together gazillion-hp event bosses.

Even against titans I’ve been underwhelmed. His DD is large, no doubt, but there are other, faster, do-other-things DD heroes, and it hasn’t helped that Ilmarinen seems to have particularly jinxed my titan boards for red tiles so far.

I’ll keep trying him on titans, but until I can try or get a decent hit-many combo of heroes, that might be about all I ever wind up using him for. About the only reason he doesn’t constitute a waste of rings for me is that I still have 31 rings fruitlessly rusting away for want of heroes.

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Ya I purposefully target him bc feel like his special actually helps me survive and win my attacks lol

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His speed is his downfalls. He pretty bad and i really regret maxing him to 80 and emblem him. My 4 star red is way better than him at average speed. He do got better stat than my 4 star but he never fire his attk on titan cus he slow and in battle he is late since my team already fire the special then his slow fire after. Just terrible.

His speed should be irrelevant for titans if you’re bringing blue pots, is he still pretty meh or you feel better about him?

Curious how much of an upgrade he is vs Wilbur.

Unfortunately, this is what I’m finding out also. I used him during this tower and yes, he’s good but is he 6 rings better than Wilber???

I dont think so

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He’s a great hero. I have him at +19 and use him for all events and towers. He is my top pick among all my 40+ fully blemed 5*. No regrets putting mats in him, I think he’s worthy.


Speed helps a bit, if you don’t want to rely solely on mana pots (or the biggest mana pots).

Mostly, since I’ve had him, I’ve just had terrible luck getting red tiles, so it’s hard to say so far if going from -44% DD to -56% DD has been “worth it”. Yeah, he cuts the titan’s mana, but Wilbur gives defense-up and link to his team.

Preumably, he is a bit of an upgrade because of the DD improvement and his greater inherent survivability (defense, hp, passive “bounceback” ability) compared with Wilbur’s.

The other issue I have is trying to stack attack up (e.g. Boldtusk), DD (Ilmarinen), EDD (GFalcon), get them all running at the same time, and even then I’ve toasted my base attack stat with all those support heroes.

It’s not that Ilmarinen doesn’t have uses, but for titans he’s a bit of an incremental improvement, and thus for many players, arguably… a luxury item, at least if his primary use is vs titans.

For raids or bosses, he makes a lot more sense if backed up by some strong hit-all (or at least hit-3) heroes, otherwise linking together opponents can wind up a net hindrance. So, in my case… :man_shrugging:

Ilmarinen is disappointing!!

Most of the newer heroes have been decent.

Unfortunately ilmarinen is one of the few (of the newer heroes) that really deserves a buff.

Either make him useful for more than 4% of the game. Or, make him more than just a smidge better than similar 4 star heroes.


I disagree completely. I love mine, and use him every day with khufu. When they both fire it is game over 100% of the time. If they dont fire i bring lidenbrock, kullivaro, and faline. That team is nearly undefeated for me.


Kullervo! Prof Lidenbrock! Faline! Khufu!

…and ilmarinen. Ahhh…gotta love “synergy”.

He’s pretty good if paired with aoe hitters, otherwise when going against him I find he just helps my healers survive long enough to kill the other team

I don’t disagree with your logic or experience, I just don’t have your circumstances, as I said above:

If you can throw big hit-many devastation attacks, then Ilmarinen can certainly be useful. (Having said that, there is arguably a discussion to be had—even under those circumstances—about whether a faster DD-to-all hero, like Morel, Frigg, etc. might still be more useful.)

For me, Ilmarinen is sorta-usefulish on titans, and usableish in war IF I also bring a dispeller to eliminate the link buff, which is a long way to go to get slightly higher DD.