Illusionist Tower

Here’s an idea to help address the following current features.

  1. Crazy excess of lower ranked crafting mats once you advance in the game.

  2. No way (apart from theorising) to work out your best defense team and positioning.

  3. No way to work out how heroes will perform when fully leveled except by taking the time and resources to level them yourself.

Here’s the idea…

  1. Introducing the Illusionist Tower. Maybe part of the VIP deal (or maybe a VIP+ option)? Comes becomes available at Stronghold 15 as I think it will be better to have it available before Stronghold 20+

  2. First function of of this tower is to allow players to battle against their own current defense team. Costs 3 raid power and a wagon load of low level crafting mats (1 and/or 2 star). And perhaps some iron and ham). The amount of crafting mats needs to be high enough to make if difficult to repeat this too many times. There are no rewards from this mock battle. It is just to allow players to see what works or doesn’t work with their teams.

  3. The next function of this tower is to allow players to donate excess heroes to their alliance’s “illusionist” database. Say you pull your 3rd Boril. You can donate him to the alliance database and get rewarded with… you guessed it… a wagon load of low level crafting mats. Not refundable and the database is owned by the alliance, not the leader.

  4. Players can select from this alliance database to use these heroes in mock battles. Adjustable levels, emblem placements and enemy levels. Cost is 15(?) World Energy, a wagon load of low level crafting mats (and some food and iron). Again no rewards. Just the chance to road test the hero.

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