Illigal ads in mystic Vision?

Currently I am being flooded with chainsaw ads in mystic vision.
The video clearly shows the brand “STIL” which you might know is a high quality and high price brand.

When you click on the “offer” everytime a different webshop opens and suddenly it’s a cheap chinese crap chainsaw which is clearly designed to look like a genuine STIL saw.

While I am not a lawyer, this seems illegal to me. Certainly ist IS very close to fraud.

Any thoughts on this? Does SG have influence on the ads displayed? How is quality assured?
Anyone else getting this kind of fake ads?

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Short answer? No.

Adds are selected / curated / handled by Google / Apple.

The only influence SGG have is how often adds can be viewed in game & what rewards are granted from that.

You can report adds which are false / misleading. There’s usually a little symbol of a “check mark” above a hand (palm up). Definitely at the end of adds but often shown throughout in one of the corners of the screen.

Tap that icon & there is an option to “report this ad”. Then just follow the prompts.


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