I'll never pay you no one time!

Oops. Now he needs 160 pulls on average. Ouch.

I did a total of 17 pulls last month and got 3 Seshats. ■■■■ crooks!!!..lol…I did like close to 50 pulls trying for Frida and didnt get one 5*…Was I mad? Sure…But i knew the risk going in. It’s pure luck.

i just did summary of my expenditure , totally $1649 played since Oct 18. i dont have Vivica , Lianna , Sartana till now , and yeah there is time i got good pull and there is time i got fcking crap pull. i am fine right now and still do spend but trying to reduce my spend 50% this month and so-on since i got *5 x 15 maxed already and many *5 hero left unleveled.

I dont have Viv either. you dont see me crying.
seriouslt though, if you ONLY have NEGATIVE emotions, then why are you playing? unless you enjoy negativity, they why are you complaining?


Holy shi…h tzu, $1649? Is that in U.S. dollars, or (hopefully) a different currency where $1649 doesn’t equal as much money as I think it does?

For that amount of money, I would expect to have at least one of every hero, even accounting for bad RNG.

Nah, thanks, I’m happy with my C2P 4* heroes. Anyone who spent more than $1000 on gacha pulls just to get a 4k+ TP team can have my trophies. I wasn’t using them anyway.

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there are 4 in each color. who are you missing?

it is the age of victimization. for some reason, it is so cool these days to present yourself as one.

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I understand you about pull rate of heroes as I have kinda same dilemma about it as well and after one hero of your aim will very costly if not from kindness of TC20 which we can obtain Vivica

D Blade is usually in quest 4-5 times a year.

yeah its dollar , well that what i can afford as entertaiment costs , i can say its average since many people i knew that spent more than me

I was a victim way before it was cool. :laughing:

Technically I could afford the same, I just don’t. I don’t mind spending a few dollars here and there on entertainment, but $1600 for me is

  • 2 months rent
  • 6 months worth of groceries
  • 9-10 months utilities (water and electric combined)
  • 1 year of car insurance

Technically, I have spent thousands of dollars on video games over the years, but that’s over many years and spread apart between several games, including the costs of multiple PCs and consoles and buy-to-play console titles. I’ve never spent more than $1000 on a single game. I can’t even fathom ever doing that.

But that’s just me. You must really like the game if you’re willing to put that much money into it. I just hope you feel it was worth the investment; it’s one thing if you’re buying guaranteed items and DLC content, quite another if you’re just paying for virtual tokens on a virtual slot machine and still not getting all the rewards you were hoping for. :confused:

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actually its $1600 in 8 month , means $200 a month , and yeah i spared $200 from my salary as entertaiment costs which is i used for this game , trying to reduce it now to $100 a month


I’m not saying your spending is excessive, lots of people here have spent lots more on the game. I just don’t get it personally. It’s not an outrageous amount if this game is your primary source of entertainment, but like I said, I really hope you feel like you are getting your money’s worth. I think I spent close to $500 on one of the MMOs I used to play, but I played that game several hours a day for 1-2 years, and the money I spent was on guaranteed items that I regularly used in the game.

E&P is definitely a fun and addictive game, I usually play at least an hour or two a day and don’t mind spending some money on it. I just don’t like the gambling aspect and not knowing whether I’m actually going to get anything good when I spend money. $3 to pull a Bane or Prisca? No thanks! Not worth it for a hero I can easily get for free. I know it’s only $3, but soon $3 turns into $30, then $300, and with every 3* pull, I’m only more and more tempted to ragequit the game and dropkick my phone into the nearest sewer grate.

Actually Joon and Vivica… (And all four purples, all four greens, three reds, three blues…) Not very lucky on pulls here.

i am fine with randomness , i cannot imagine if SG come with guarantee hero which is possible to purchase without RNG , big spender will rule all server and it would be “no fun” any more lol

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To me randomness is good and all until it wouldn’t prevent us to have a balanced game.

If “guaranteed heroes crafting” would be a thing (to not break this games’ economy) it should require at least 4 months worth of materials’ specific quest items to craft a single 5* hero.

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If you’d expect 1 of every hero for for that little of an amount, you dont understand how gatcha works… or math.

That’s my another game from EA doing, and top 100 online mode barely change hands to lower tier players.

Eventually if ever guaranteed heroes going to happens, we still have God of Randomness in board section to help prevent of mega-whale domination.

by missing, I meant which yellow you thought wasnt a trainable one?
it is a fair mistake - I used to think Joon was a HOTM because of how awesome he is lol

The really crazy thing is I can beat guin, gm and the other top hero’s with my free hero’s. Plus you don’t actually possess them. Some day this game will end and those digital cards will be nothing but memories. But I enjoy it like everyone else. I just stopped spending. As a console gamer I hate microtransactions but they have b creepy from mobile into AAA console and pc games.

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