I'll never pay you no one time!

After today’s summon I’ll never pay you and your game no one cent. Last time I don’t get any items for ascending my heroes. What problems?! I have only negative emotions about your game. I have a lot of heroes but I have a lot of heroes on the level 3/70. Can you tell me when I got DAMASCUS BLADE? I can tell you. In this year I got DAMASCUS BLADE no one time. Only in the quests. That’s all. I paid you a lot of money and I even haven’t the VIVICA.

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OK take care be safe see you next rant.


Feel better after that nice rant? Lol


One thing I dont understand with people ranting hate on the game tho, if a game braught me to that point I wouldnt stop spending … I would just stop playing.


So, if a slot machine doesn’t give a jackpot is perfectly fine, but if a pull doesn’t give a 5* is a robbery.

Okay :+1:


I can only imagine your pain if you already spent a million bucks on this game. I mean, if you spent US$1,000,000.00 and still has not obtained Vivica (which is trainable for free at TC20), or got the Damascus Blades sold in a recurring basis only as a chance in the featured shop (procurable also through quests, chests, Mystic Vision, titan rewards and promo sale like now in Vivica’s Super Sale), I would be feeling urine, too. Poor me.

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Don’t understand why you rant about it. No one says you have to pay. No one said you have to play. No one said you have to bring up the 5* at that time. They come when they come. Bring up your 4*s or even the 3s. Such is life in the game. I hope you feel better now that you ranted. Smile and be happy

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I suppose you really just want to complain rather than receive a response, but in case you need some perspective:

Vivica is one of 15 classic 5 * heroes. And one of 3 yellow 5* heroes. Assuming you just did an elemental summon, there is a 2,5 % chance per pull of getting one of those 3 heroes, meaning there is a 0,833% chance of getting Vivica.

On average, the number of pulls you would need to get Vivica would be 1 / 0.00833 = 120 pulls. (No idea how many pulls you tried.) But that’s just the average. Obviously it can be much lower or much higher than that.

The Damascus blade is one of 7 4 * items. I think a lot of people are convinced that it’s probability is a little lower than the others, but even if it’s equal, only about 1 in 7 randomly generated 4* items is going to be a Damascus blade. In practice, each of us probably has one item that feels like it’s just not dropping with the frequency we need. (For me, it’s fine gloves. I have four heroes sitting at 3/60 at the moment…) Playing since November, I have 5 blades and 8 tomes “in stock”, having ascended 3 5-star heroes. On the other hand, I have not yet assembled a full set of tabards (4 in stock), but already have 12 telescopes sitting around waiting for a hero worth ascending. (Thorne is sitting there waiting while I max 4 stars to keep him jealous…)

Ultimately it’s all random. You’ve got to set a limit with how much you’re comfortable spending, knowing that no guarantees come with it. And it’s perfectly O.K. if that number is zero. No one is going to judge you for not spending. Or almost no one. This is a game, and it should be fun. Don’t let yourself get overly stressed.


I have a lot of heroes at 1-1 (5*). Your 3-70’s should be able to take them out pretty easily.


Vivica can be obtained from TC20 like all other classic heroes but required patience.

If you had been playing since Jan 2019 and has done all rare quests till date, you would have had guaranteed 3 Damascus blades in your inventory.
The next rare quest after the current Morlovia will also spot D.blade. And if you play till the end of the year, you will likely have guaranteed 6 D.blades.

And of course there is D.blade in the current VvIca’s super sale offer.

There are options in the game, and in all, needs time and patience.


There are actually 20 classic 5* heroes. Each element has 4.


I have the VIVICA. I got her FOR FREE from TC20. I also have Magni, Richard, Justice, Elena, Khagan, Domitia and Obakan ALL FREE. Plus I got nearly every 4* hero from S1 and several from S2 including Proteus and I stopped spending months ago. I use Coins earned in game and TC20.

I also have 3 Blades left after maxing Domitia, Magni, Mitsuko and Joon. Mitsuko was pulled with a single pull in a month where she wasn’t a featured hero so that is a 0.3% chance and Joon was from a regular summon and was my 1st 5* after 8 months. I also have Aegir in my alt account which I never put a penny into.

I hope you reconsider but you paid money to TAKE A CHANCE. You didn’t pay to get heros. The odds are clearly listed and yes they suck. However when you do see a 5* (or a 4 that you really want like Proteus who just joined me last week and will be max by the weekend) it it a great feeling.

Also if I was going to complain about not getting a 5* healer I would at least complain about not getting Ariel (or maybe Kunchen). Vivica is free from TC20 which has dropped for me at 5.7%. Much better than the portals and FREE. I have collected 140 heros. That is 42000 gems that I didn’t spend. When I look at it that way it feels much better. I wish I could get a green 5* but hopefully the next batch I collect in 2 weeks will have Lianna and Elkanen in it.

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I like your post but there are 4 yellow 5* hero’s and 4 of each color which is 20 total. Justice, Joon, Vivica and Leonidas. I have all but Leo and wouldn’t mind if he showed up. He isn’t Joon who I have with Justice and Viv but he seems to be ok. Like Domitia vs Sartana, I would love Sartana but got Domitia and Obakan and Domitia with emblems is a great substitute.

Regardless I enjoyed your post.

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I miss the days when people ranted in their own mind. For some reason people think other people care about their mindless babble. Kinda sad.


Well, the good thing is the internet gives everyone a voice. The bad thing is the internet gives everyone a voice.


Perfectly correct!

20 agreements

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In fairness, I would love to take a baseball bat to a slot machine, but most of the casinos here have pretty tight security and I don’t want to get arrested. :laughing:


I feel your pain very much so, I did 5 10xsummons on elemental purple, and throughout all of those summons I ended up with only 2 4* heroes no 5* or monthly, these guys are definitely crooks. I’ll do ya one better, I did a summon last month, got the bonus heros (seshat) the game disconnected me just as I clicked claim and when I went back in, no seshat, write a ticket, with screen shots and these guys just immediately dismissed it without even attempting to help. Their “support” or lack there of is just trash. But whatever life goes on I suppose.

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Welcome to the forum.!

Wow, this sucks! Internet access can be a bí*%?ch sometimes and usually makes related claims difficult to be determined; just for fun I usually do screen recording of summons, now it turns out to be a good thing.


That sucks!!! I’m so sorry.

I’ve never been lucky enough to pull a HOTM, but I’d rather not pull one at all than think I got one, only to have it disappear. :worried:

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