🦅 Iku-Turso – 5* Nature / Green from Legends of Kalevala

So we agree, C. Francine is great utility hero :slight_smile:
Hatter stats are quite behind and thats putting it mildly : 70 attack less, 70 def less, 100hp less.
Yes, Quenell is amazing.

Well frog dmg is versitale. Besides strong hit three and water dmg, which can be two turns longer and unclansable vs red (picture tournaments where blue is banned and enemy fields many red heroes), he also steals HP which can hide much extra dmg to three heroes. If hero has 1500hp and healer heals for 40%, Iku Turso deals extra 600 dmg to three and heals herself big time!

So yeah, Frog in my book hangs with the best :slight_smile:


FYI, @PlayForFun will eventually fix this but here is what Iku-Turso actually does (changed from Beta):

  • Deals 280% damage to the target and nearby enemies. (no Minor damage; changed from Beta)
  • The target and nearby enemies receive 240 Water damage over 3 turns. Against Fire characters, this status effect becomes uncleansable and last 2 turns longer. (Water damage reduced from Beta to coincide with increase direct damage)
  • The caster steals 51% healing applied to the target and nearby enemies for 3 turns. This status effect is uncleansable and lasts 2 turns longer on Fire characters.

No. I was highlighting their second abilities in comparison to this new dude. Their damage is going to be relatively close, so that argument is pretty negligible. This particular hero isn’t anything special.

No problem, we see frog hero differently :slight_smile:



I have fixed the OP.

This water damage might not be a reductions as these damage over times goes up with limit breaking, and we have recevied limit broken heroes.


You are right, I forgot about their horrible decision to limit break the heroes in Beta and the Beta Portal :upside_down_face:

Yeah, not a reduction from Beta then but the correct amount shown if not Limit Broken.

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Now im currently working on MN i got from SE. Was wondering if i should bench her in favour of frogger. Trying the in colour leveling fir the first time since i started takes for ever lol.

He is nowhere near as useful as MN in my opinion. There are a ton of fast, hit 3, green heroes. When it comes to team wide green healers you have three to my knowledge; MN, Ratatoskr and Heimdall. Are there others that do HoT, sure, but it’s not the same. I say stay the course and finish MN.

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Ha! I found out another role for vampire fishfrog and that is tank role!
He is probably strongest green tank in game.
Him as a tank either :
a) Forces you to go non-strong element versus him ( and deal less dmg and make defense setup that punishes you choosing green for example or
b) go red element and take uncleasable water dmg and uncleansable 50% heal reduction… He also takes less dmg from red specials…
How can you recover? :slight_smile:


Bring Vanda, Grazul, Emilio or Garnet against him, and he his powerless.


Thats very good solution to him, you are right! // Vanda, Emilio and Garnet are premium solutions though.

And red is really the colour which provides solutions at 6 tiles, where if fish-frog was in other colour, they wouldnt have such answers.

Stil, to pounder on such though for a little longer …
Now we know, ‘‘enemy’’ will attack frog with red.
We can field Iris alongside Frog who at fast speed dispels and extra dmg to red. The other flank could be premium Hypnos :slight_smile:

So Hypnos - FishFrog - Iris could be setup with wings being anything really…Maybe even another blue hero since enemy goes red. Double dispel and prevention of buffs helps Fishfrog be the king :stuck_out_tongue:


There is also LotL, Toxicandra, & Arco…though aside from LotL in last Soul Exchange these aren’t exactly easy heroes to get typically :nerd_face:

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I feel he should be doing 300% to three. Both this guy and the other 5* green from the same event are underpowered. Iku-Turso doesn’t seem that much better than Costume Elkanen… I understand that both Iku-Turso and the other 5* green have extra parts to their special, but they things like damage over time, stealing healing, and accuracy debuffs are just not as valuable. I like having them, but the base damage should be there and 270% or 280% is just too low compared to other newer hit-3 heroes. E.g. both the Styx family heroes already out, and the others now in beta, do 300% or more while still having additional effects in their specials.