Ignore Teluria

I don’t know if this topic ever been here before and in this type of format, but i’ll put it here.
Telluria, i belive, is annoying Heroes for a lot of players in this game, and the admins just making ridicilous nerfs for her, for other Heroes, (espacialy Vela) but it doesn’t help baerly nothing. Any way, when you hit more than about 2.6k cups 9 of 10 opponents will ne GTV, or close to it. I already dont put her in my raid defensive team, and i suggest others to do the same.
But i was thinking, and i understand that this is utopy, what will never happen, būt if all the players, all the alliances would decide to get rid of her in raids, in wars also, just put her in the corner, and lets get back to purple, yellow, blue tanks. This game was much more fun than it is now. Our alliance now, after many, many wars agaisnt telurias are fighting yellow tanks for the first time in half year i think, and it’s so much more interesting
And for admins, just get rid of her!!! We are tired of her, give materials back, let players, who has her, choose any previous HOTM, and bring the fun back in this game!!
I hope its possible to understand my English, its not my first language. I would be happy to read your thoughts about my ideas, what you think about that? :slightly_smiling_face:

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