Ignore team when viewing heroes in a sorted fashion

Just saw this suggestion posted above this one, but I’ll agree with it as many times as I can! I think just a check box allowing teams to be at top or not would solve it perfectly.

I do the same and isn’t that the saddest thing in life?


New versions are on the way and i beg SG dev team to please incorporate this simple UI tweak and improve our QoL highly.


Update: Latest sort options:

  • Power (heroes in teams are at the top)
  • Rarity (heroes in teams are at the top)
  • Element (heroes in teams are at the top)
  • Name (heroes in teams are at the top)
  • Class (teams are mingled throughout)
  • Origin (teams are mingled throughout)

I still think adding a checkbox/radio button for “Teams at top” is the best solution.

The defaults of the current choices are reasonable, but I still would love to be able to ignore teams in the power and rarity sorts to better share my roster with my alliance and friends…and sorting by name ignoring the rest would be great for when I try to use an external tool on my roster, so I can check easily if it is up to date scrolling through both in the same order.

This would be a wonderful quality-of-life improvement!

(Aside, as the guy who made heroplan.io said, how about read-only API for our roster and other stuff, pretty please?)


Voted. I always thought the game holding teams at the was both odd and annoying.

In the hero menu. If I sort by power. I am actually sorting by TEAM, then power. Create a new sort by called TEAM to replace what is there now. Have the sort by POWER ignore team. I often change my teams according to last attacked titan / raid etc, but I want to monitor my power progress and these changes make monitoring hard. In chat, players often refer to their A, B, C teams as their top 5,10, 15 heroes. No sort actually puts my ABC teams at the top bc I never actually fight with my top 5 power heroes.

+1, Agree… add optional “Ignore Team” on sorting by Power.

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I reckon a new tab for each element would work better having so many heros kept.

Sometimes, when I want to sort my heroes, like by power, I don’t care whether or not they’re currently in a team.

Leonidas+11 is very likely more powerful than a maxed Namahage, don’t you agree?

Please allow us to toggle showing team heroes first on/off.

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Yes I kinda agree! There are times when I just want to see how many 5*/4*/3* i have and sometimes the 3*s being in a team (for raid tournaments) messes up how I view all my heroes!

Huge YES for this request.
Actually, only variant where having heroes on teams at the top is useful for me is with my “upgrade” team. In any other variant I don’t need team members to impact sorting and they’re just annoying.

Is this wish still possible? +1 from me. Make us able to sort heroes while ignoring the team. The same way as it is for origin and class!

I want all my heros in the team I have tem . It gets confusing scattered. How was it addressed in beta?

Initially, it came out like it is for power. Team 1 is first. Then team 2 and so on. Them all not in your team by classes. It was a mess.

I think we need more: I want a flexible state of the art sorting structure including all traits and characteristics of our heroes. A detailed structure is described in a different threat from jan 2019.

And is it still on the list or was it already scratched for ever?
Thanks for reply.

That I don’t know. They’ve recently released improvements - it used to only be by name, power, and element. Not sure what else they have planned.

Thais is a good suggestion. The malfunction of listing weaker heroes first when sorting by power makes no sense. Seems more like a bug than a feature.

@Guvnor Do you have any idea who to ask about current state of this issue/feature?
Thanks in advance.

If it’s not in a #beta-beat thread then there is no more informations to be had on the subject :slight_smile:

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