Ignore team when viewing heroes in a sorted fashion

And cross your fingers that your single-hero D doesn’t get attacked during the few minutes you’re fiddling around and doing your screenshots!

(Been there, done that!)

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This should be rephrased as a bug: “Sorting by Element does not sort by Element. Add Sort By Team and make Sort By Element sort by element”

Steps to Reproduce

  • Start with a L20 Commander with many heroes and teams.
  • Choose Heroes
  • Select the :arrow_up::arrow_down: icon.
  • Choose Element

Expected Result

Heroes are sorted only by the Hero’s Element attribute. That is we see 5 contiguous blocks of Hero colour/element.

Actual Result

Heroes are sorted by (Character.Team, Character.Element) not (Character.Element)

Suggested Fix

Add a “Team” option to the :arrow_up::arrow_down: icon which behaves as the current behaviour
Add an Element option which sorts only by Character.Element

Counter argument to change

Teams are a revenue source - see the Shop where you can buy more teams. By making Teams even less relevant than they are now revenue may drop.

Counter counter argument

Teams have minimal value. Improve user experience first, revenue second.

I have 7 teams. The only reason I spent any gems on teams was because I was a newb and thought it would buy me more Heroes in combat.

I want my gems back.

Voted for this.

On a similar vein, I would like to be able to hide saved heroes while I am leveling up. So if I pick a hero and click on LEVEL UP, instead of graying out my saved heroes, just don’t display them at all.

Bumping this and also voting for this. Some of the most recently added sorting options actually ignore whether they’re equipped on a team. Wouldn’t it be nice if all of them did, or if there was some kind of checkbox to toggle it on and off? :slight_smile:


Couldn’t agree more @DaveCozy
This was my recent (inelegant, expensive, non-sustainable) partial solution


100% this - An option to sort without regard to team would be a great addition to making it easier to configure the teams!

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Sorry, the title may not be the best but I can’t think of better for now.

Currently in the heroes roster if you sort by power, class etc it will order by TEAM first then sort them after that.

For example (I will only name a couple of heroes to keep it shorter) on my roster, I have about 4 teams but lets just take team 1. I don’t have my most powerful (MIKI) hero in this team, but if I sort by POWER, it takes into consideration the Team Numbers first, and sorts in that order then any not in a team.

So in this case, I have in my Team 1: Li Xiu who is 546 power.
She is currently showing at the first position when I have ordered it by “Power” because she is in Team 1 and is the most powerful one in Team 1.

What I am wanting is a way to bypass/ignore Team 1, Team 2 etc and to order on the specific thing you have selected, in this case MIKI should go to the very top for me.

Sorry, I think I explained that very badly but I hope someone understands and agrees lol.

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I completely get u and i love that idea
I think it was somewhere proposed as well
Specially that when sorting using class or family the team sorting is ignored
I wish we could do that for all the others
Or have a small check box :white_medium_square:ignore teams


It’s over here: Ignore team when viewing heroes in a sorted fashion


When classes came out, it sorted by teams. This was commented on during beta and addressed.

@zephyr1 does this need to be merged to this?

Ignore team when viewing heroes in a sorted fashion

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@Benn @princess1 Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

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Love that idea :smiley:

Sorry, but that is not possible. You cant attack somebody, when they are online. Those you fought with are just wanted to lose some trophys probably.

I know SG listens to players’ requests when it comes to UI but this simple feature is not introduced yet. I don’t get why

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Maybe because it does have its advantage to keep teams at top.

I use team 1 to store the heroes I’m currently leveling up so I don’t have to search for them.

So a solution, I think, should be as others have mention and have a toggle and not simply change the sorting. Of cause this could be done but will need a bit more work then just changing the sorting.

Not so much more work. Okay, a new UI element, but still a cheap one. I wonder why they didn’t do it while adding the new sorting things like origin…

It should be optional to ignore the teams, nobody suggested otherwise.

So the dev team had their hands full with Season 3 coming up, and we couldn’t get those QoL improvements this time around either. I just hope that they would consider these small adjustments in the next version.

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