If you want me to start spending again

Put miki Hel and her costume in the fated Monday. If you really want me to spend pur congalsh pingi and some of the new elemental heros in . Then ill spend on the new gobin and knights event to refill my fated . I quit spending when you threatened to nerf 200 plus heros . Just letting you know how to tempt me . And the current list for fated monday isnt going to tempt me


You must have spent MILLIONS of dollars on the game if you think you threatening to not spend anymore makes them give a flying monkeys.


I can just keep making more marjana costumes unless i get tempted with something worth wile . I am ok with making lots of dupes . 3 marjana with hit 3 armor down elemental defense down with what i got already will beat most teams. Obakon and Leonidas costumes… or if the add pingi to the portal ill try to get a 2end this Christmas . If not 6 marjana costumes cost nothing to make and i wont need to spend

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Honestly i prob would spend a little more if there some decent stuff at the end of the rainbow .

Lets say there was least 4-5 cool heros i can get for free at FS i maybe would (they aint free really as i spent to get the free ones) helping the company make money …

I do see the side of f2p and c2p i class myself as c2p would it divide the game that much? If there some thing cool folk can use surely that good yeah?

I get around 2 free each FS


fun fact

whatever you don’t spend, someone else spends so…wasting your time with demands.

they don’t care.


I have 75 heros maxed at 80 to 90 . This isnt counting all the costumes . So i dont really need to spend . But i didnt play when miki and Hel were available. And the chances of getting them in taverns is not worth trying. So as i said my marjana costume Leonidas costume ect i can make unlimited of them unless i am tempted

I got Miki from coins in the Blue Super Elemental portal.

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I believe spenders will open their wallets for the bogo sale on Goblins. Not sure if that’s wise, given the power creep and business model, but it will happen. I’d surely fall for that tactic myself, if I was spending.


I guestimate that it will take 80 pulls on that portal to have a 50% chance of getting one of the new 5star goblins. That means that one in eight people who try to get one will take 240+ pulls. Just getting you ready to hear the complaining.

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If you want a reason to spend again, you’ve been spending too much with less reward.
I would say the best thing is to only purchase the $4.99 single coin pull web offer. It’s a better investment. If you receive a new hero, that’s great. If you don’t, it was only $4.99 either way. You won.


Ya they said they meeded to nerf to balance the game but all the new heros have big attributes. I dont trust them so stopped spending for awile . I thought it was dirty to sayvwe need to nerf heros that wete new in a portal 2 days befor the announcement

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Better to save that $5 and pay $10 next time for PoV, or wait a while and get PoG. These two are the best deals in the game hands down.

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For me these kinds of threads are useful, but rather for keeping me grounded and reminding me not to spend at all :smiley:

The business model is just too corrupted at this moment. You don’t need only the OP hero, but also the mats (since I stopped spending I get much fewer mats, not sure if it is a coincidence or not, but it also happened to me last year when I stopped spending for several months), emblems, aethers and alpha aethers. And maybe some of you that farm a lot don’t have any issue with getting enough feeder heroes, but for me lately, as my time in the game decreased, this is also sometimes an issue.

So, even if I get a great hero, it will take a long time to max them and by then probably they would turn from great to “only” good.

Especially the alpha aethers changed the game for me. For several wars I don’t manage to kill the heroes which previously I was sure to kill. Several times Ludwig (and others) were left with HP in double digits and then, during the next couple of turns Cleopatra, Hathor and such fired and brought him back to over 1000 HP.

Today Almur (with CB), C2 Caedmon and El Naddaha, all of them lb1 and with full emblems failed to kill the opponent and consequently I lost the battle because next turn Cleopatra fired and then the hitters decimated me despite my two off-color healers.

And while I might not be the sharpest tool in the shed and my play could need improvement, the power creep is also becoming increasingly tiresome.

To the point that LB1 Haulstone encountered in a raid has 1121 defense and 2323 HP. My LB1 Milena has 913 defense and 1662 HP. In this case there is even no need for Alpha Aethers, but the difference in stats between new and old heroes has become huge and each leve of emblems, regular Aethers and alpha aethers are increasing it exponentially.


So the fated is out and i dont need any of it . The obly good hero is freeda and i have one at 85 i also have king Arthur at 85 not sure if i need another freeda . I have frig costume at 85 . This portal is cheap that they didnt put his costume in . Miki and Evelyn should be here . Costume panther should be here . Leave freeda in and put lord loki costume morel and a 2end lord loki . This poryal sucks bad . Leave frig add her costume add quneel for yellow add a defense down hero to it red add margana 2 times add in het costume for each . Alk the heros in here have bad attributes and are junk

Much like your post.