If you had to choose

If you had to pick one for your Raid defense who would it be?
Kadilen or Leonidas?

The answer would depend on what the rest of your defense is :slight_smile:


I’m working on Azlar, so I’d like to replace one.

Leonidas is not really a tank in my opinion but I do feel he’s good at keeping himself alive.

Kadilen is fast but hits weak and her special don’t really help with tiles which is a huge problem when I get colour stacked.


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Leonidas anyday. He is a one man army during end raids.

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Leo Toth Ranvi Sarta Kad

Leo to be replaced…
…by a healer…

Kadilen holds her own but you don’t have someone else to combo before or after her.

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Ranvir - Azlar - Thoth-Amun - Leonidas - Kadilen

If Azlar or Kadilen fires just after Ranvir you could wipe your attacker, you still have Thoth-Amun and Leonidas as high endurance heroes to not have the need of a healer.

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Do take out Sartana? Is she not one of the best heroes in the game?

No. She is one of the best core heroes, tough.

Anyway… in your defense she wouldn’t be as incisive as the Ranvir + AoE combo.

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Leonidas is a good attacking hero and eventually it can be used as wing in war, but generally i wouldn’t use him in defence.

Mana cutting is great if you aiming on the right hero, which AI is not so smart to choose everytime.

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Both are good on defence. And I have both heroes. In my honest opinion, I would choose Kadilen to keep in the defence team

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