If you had multiple Proteus

  1. I have a maxed Proteus and 2 untouched protopodes - now working of Hel nr 1 (of 2). Hel does direct damage which is often better in those cases when Proteus falls short - one of the enemies you are about to block already have full mana and will go off next turn. If they aren’t full health, then Hel might take them down. Also, Hel has better stats and Jinx will serve her well.

  2. I would do Kage before Hel if I had him (and at least one maxed protopod).


Had Kage, Victor and Proteus maxed before I got 2 Hels.
Just ascended Panther to 4/10 while Hel is 3/30.
Having Proteus makes maxing Hel less urgent but as I face 4200 defenses, finding Proteus dies easily so I will be maxing Hel and giving her emblems.

Besides my maxed Proteus, I keep a couple of dupes and lost count of the number of Proteus I’ve eaten.

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  1. Hel Hel and Hel
  2. Why not Hel??? I will trade you my Kage for Hel.

Anyway, if not Hel then Kage. :wink:


Not maxing Hel is like feeding Gravemaker to Azlar…

I’d level Hel even if I had 4 Proteus.


I actually fed 6x Proteus to a single Proteus. :joy:


Thanks for the response @Drewrobi @Kitten @l2ider @AirHawk @Olmor

Our alliance in currently at mid-level with about 360-380k war score. We do face tough opposition from time to time, but not anything Iike a dozen Guins in the top hundred. I have Hel and 4 Proteus (I’ve fed about half a dozen to Kage in the last couple of months as well :confounded:) at 1/1, and have actually been working on a 2nd Merlin. My maxed Proteus has been relegated to my 6th team since I got Kageburado maxed.

My current Dark mono is:

  1. Rigard/Sabina (depending on whether I need to remove status ailments or debuff)
  2. Sartana (emblemed +4 - attack line)
  3. Merlin
  4. Tiburtus
  5. Kageburado (emblemed +5 - attack line)

Kage followed by Sartana makes short work of any yellow tanks I face. Merlin tends to make sure that sniper flanks are kept in check.

I’ve actually found that I enjoy using Merlin more than Proteus since his Arcane Blast hits pretty hard, and his Mindless Attack is just so much fun to watch, so I actually have a 3rd Merlin which I intend to max as well…:sunglasses:

My main problem is that I have quite a lot of purples on my roster, but not enough royal tabards to level them all. Currently holding 30 trap tools and 6 tabards. I was hoping to get Panther last month as defense down Dark is the only one missing from my roster. She would have received the tabards for sure but 5x10 pulls got me Kong, Anzogh, Khagan, and Kadilen instead :disappointed:

Now, my 2nd Dark mono will comprise:

  1. Rigard/Sabina (depending on what’s left…)
  2. Proteus
  3. 2nd Merlin (almost maxed)
  4. 2nd Tiburtus (next, after maxing 2nd Merlin)
  5. To be decided

I’m looking for a 5* Dark to double flank and strengthen my defense…

My current defense is:

  1. Misandra (emblemed +1 as the rest have been given to BT)
  2. Kage
  3. Santa (not emblemed as I’ve given everything to Drake for the extra damage)
  4. Sartana (hoping to replace with either 2nd Kage, Victor, or Hel)
  5. Drake (emblemed +5 - attack line)

Guess I should have been more specific as to which of the heroes mentioned above should replace Sartana on flank… I’ve not come across too many Hels being used in defense. Victor and Kage combo has given me some problems.

I have Kunchenx2 and Aeron as well, but I don’t like using healers in defense. I like inflicting as much pain as possible before dying…:rofl:

Other Dark 5*s are Obakan, Domitia, Mok-Arr, Quintus… They don’t fit the bill, but I’m open to opinions.

O yes @AirHawk, and a 3rd Kage…:stuck_out_tongue:



If I have 6 Hel, I will only need 2 Proteus for Epic Challenge Event or 4* Raid Tournament. But what if I want to use 2 in each war attacks? I will need 12 like them…

Unfortunately I don’t have Hel, only 2 Proteus.

I dont have much use for more than 1 Kage.

He hits like a child once the enemy is below 50% HP but yes he is extremely useful like a debuff hero since he hits very hard when enemy is above 50% and he dispels any buffs.

Use him like a powerful purple Jackal.

Those are some fantastic options you have.

Double flank Kage would make me reroll for sure… I don’t have enough experience with Victor to say much about him though, other than I definitely have more issues with Kage than Vic the few times I’ve met the latter on def. Then again, I basically only have average blue hitters and very fragile yellows.

Hel on def as flank - I’m considering this myself but the incompetent AI makes it risky. Proteus on def is always a fiasco (for def…) and seeing him there makes me click attack as fast as seeing a Wilbur tank used to. But maybe Hel works better, considering the direct damage?

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Would agree that Kage is a great starter, but a poor finisher… I’ve had him as last hero against one or two below half-health heroes on the opposite side, and I always wish that he had died first rather than Sartana. Love his debuff though… Wish it was for all enemies like Caedmon, rather than from the target.

Although I do enjoy the 1-2 combo of Kage and Sartana on heavy tanks and buffed GM flanks, I’ll agree that one is enough… Will still save the other two for sometime beyond 2050…:rofl:

Thanks @Kitten It’s definitely a good problem to have…:smiley:

If I eliminate a 2nd Kage from the list, guess I’m stuck with either Victor or Hel, both of whom are Wizards, as is Sartana…:confounded:

Hel has the advantage of splash damage, meaning Jinx would work best on her. However, AI targeting is crappy so her hits might be wasted on unintended targets. Still, she stops targets from gaining mana, and that would be great if it landed on a status ailment removal hero still waiting on special.

Victor’s single hit is weaker, but his DoT can be a pain to deal with if there is no status ailment removal. He also buffs the team’s defense and charges at a very fast rate.

ARRRGGGHHHH! I need more tabards!!!

Anyone who has Victor or Hel on defense want to help out?

I’m hoping to get 6 tabards before the next Guardians event and hope for Panther but for now, it looks like it’s going to be Hel or Victor…

Or maybe I should just give them to Mok-Arr and run a mono purple defense team…:rofl:

Turns out you have such a deep purple bench the question is somewhat rhetorical.

I have two of Proteus at 4-70, one with emblems (sharing with Sartana so only +3). Hel is going to be maxed (at 3-1 but waiting for Kunchen to finish eating). The current plan is that after Hel, the next 3 copies of Proteus will get feeders too so that war teams ALL have the option of mana blockers.

Raiding double Proteus now (the lite version of Razor’s double Hel) is so much fun…


currently 1xhel in the global top 20. and plenty in def teams in the 2600 range. have seen 3 or so hel in the top 10 a couple of weeks ago when i pulled her. never see her in war but alliance is in the 200k range.

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I have 5 Protei. Only one is maxed. The other 4 are currently sitting on the sideline. I do use them in war often, even at 1/1. I have Hel as well, but my current project is Panther. I think Hel will be worth it in the upper tiers, but in the midrange alliances Proteus shines.

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@JMarcus, this is my current defense, I’m winning about 55-60% of my raid defenses but still have net cup losses because I log off near 2700. Haven’t fallen below 2400 in some time.

But with Inari, both Kage and Victor are firing on 6 tiles. Victor’s defense buff is pretty awesome.
I bite the HoT heroes like Eve, Khiona, Zim, Guin so he’s getting extra health. I have no regrets giving him tabards.

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Thanks all for the input…

@Sternman Cheers for the heads-up to @Razor’s double Hel. I enjoyed it. Also looked up a similar thread on Hel vs Victor and have finally made my choice…

Hel is:

  • AWESOME - A+
  • CELESTIAL - OF DARKNESS… Of course…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I could go on, but I think everyone knows where I’m going with this… Or do you?

Given the hero, almost every player would max Hel instantly. She’s P-E-R-F-E-C-T! An A+ all rounder for titans, offense, and defense. I’m fortunate to have pulled her as well as Alberich at the same time. But lately, I’ve had my doubts about them, so I decided to start a thread to see if I can get some feedback and a discussion going.

I :heart: Hel… Always wanted one… Had she popped out of the summon gate at her launch, I would have levelled her right away. But now, things have changed… Now she has a counter… A mean and ugly fast sniper by the name of:

My intention is to find a better replacement for Sartana in my defense; especially for my Alliance War team. With a level 11 mana troop, Sartana does great. I was however hoping Hel would be better once emblemed due to her splash damage, but Poseidon has come to town, and his special is able to nullify Hel’s Crush. This weakens her skill considerably.:disappointed:

After spending half a day raiding and seeing the number of Poseidon’s (7 out of 20 raids) in use, I’ve decided to go:

Cheers for the info @l2ider :smiley:

Santa flanked by two very fast snipers seems the best option, while Victor’s defense buff will provide a great boost to the tank as well. I’ll also have conditions from Santa’s -defense and -attack (if he doesn’t die), Kage’s Wound, Victor’s vampiric bite, and Drake’s -accuracy for attackers to deal with. Having to bring a debuff as well as a status ailment removal might limit the opposition’s choice of heroes. And since I don’t like placing healers in my raid or war defense, I like to be as annoyingly tough to kill as possible…:laughing:

Of course, this all looks good on paper… Might just get wiped over and over again since half the game depends on RNG, but the final decison has been made…

So, to end the thread… I’m feeding Hel to Victor… He’ll definitely appreciate a celestial meal, being the bloodsucker that he is…:joy:

Seriously though… Hel will go to 3/70. She’ll partner one of my Proteus or Merlin. I’ll bring her up next round and hopefully pull Panther as well for a 1-2 combo on yellow titans. But right now, I need some raw power in war and defense, and Hel’s bane is just too numerous for my liking.

Unfortunately I lack of most useful heroes, especially even 5* heroes at all.

But: I pulled my second Proteus. First one is on the way to max, second one will stay unleveled, because there are many higher priorities in dark heroes like Sabina… and as a c2p I have to work with what I got…

Gratz :smile: For a C2P, you have been very lucky to have been able to acquire a pair of Proteus. He is definitely one of the best Epic to have come out of Atlantis; alongside Wilbur. Do keep as many as you can for AW. My Proteus fodder have come at a great cost due to the desire for certain 5*s, but I still hold 5, and they will all be maxed eventually.

Sabina was my first 4* healer and I have a soft spot for her. She helped me through gold and platinum with her debuff on numerous Boril as well as Kashhrek tanks. As you progress through the game, you’ll be facing more status ailments so hope you’ll get Rigard as well to add to your purples. I tend to prioritise 4* healers as they’re cheaper to level. Legendary healers are nice, but unless you’re going to use them on defense, they can stay at 3/70 since their specials work just fine at that level. The only 5* I have maxed is Vivica, and she’s there because there’s no 4* equivalent.

Good luck and have fun! Mini-Hel is fun to play with, and he’s a real game changer.

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Thank you!

Already have Rigard maxed, Cyprian almost maxed. Next will be first Proteus, then second Proteus.
As you say, Wilbur is one of THE mostwanted heroes by me… So I’d rather wanted to pull him but a second Proteus, but as I said… have to play with what i got.

1st Proteus really was a game-changer for me. Season 1 was super-easy (with level ~26) to deal with… but only with Proteus. Otherwise I would not have beaten it so fast.

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Hel, Kage not Victor . 5* manna control is awesome, and she is better version of Proteus. Kage is awesome , but Victor never scare me when I face him in defense.

Proteus is however a cheaper option for offensive use, and has the same mana speed as Hel; albeit lacking the attack damage. If Hel had fast mana generation rather than average, and if her attack was equal rather than minor damage to nearby enemies, I would level her right away. Hel’s mana control is her strong point, but since I can get it from Proteus for a mere 4 trap tools, she’s not a priority for me at the moment.

She’s still an A+ for sure, but unfortunately, not the one for my current defensive team.

Our alliance run red tanks in AW, flanked by 2 dark (if possible). I currently have Santa as my tank, with Kage and Sartana as flanks. I hope to replace Sartana, even though she’s doing an awesome job atm. Hel was one of my other Dark options and top of the list, but with the introduction of Poseidon, she becomes a liability. It’s quite easy to stack 2-3 yellows against purple flanks, and Poseidon happens to be fast mana so Hel may never ever get to fire, or when she does, Poseidon’s special might be up to nullify the effect.

We’re facing 25 teams in war - (yes, Montblanc has space for new members if anyone is interested :grin:). If even 2-3 of the opposition had Poseidon, it would be enough to reduce the strength and wipe the team, thus making it easier to reset the board. My current defense is one of the strongest in our alliance and I am hoping to consume as many enemy flags as possible in order to make reset for the opposition much tougher.

At 671 defense, Victor is squishy, but at least he has very fast mana attack. If he manages to fire his special, he adds 30% defense to all, plus a whole lot of pain to his target. Personally, I believe Kage and Victor will be much better flanking a slow tank since they will have at least one chance of firing their specials.

Hel will get her turn eventually… I’m up to 7 tabards now, after completing S2 hard mode. Guess I should have the other 5 before the end of the year.

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