If you could only build a one-color team

ok, for my next “if you could” question…

if you could only choose from one color to make a whole team, what color, and which heroes, would it be?
my quick guess is purple would be a serious force with:

I’d take Athena, Magni, Isarnia, Perseus and Kiril

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for blue, i had thought almost the exact same thing though i had arthur instead of perseus.

Alberich, Horghall, Liana, Zeline, Morgan LeFay

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Grimm,Grimm,Grimm,Grimm,Grimm for Ares tank.

Woops, does dupes allowed?

Yes! I knew I had missed someone.

Don’t worry, I got you covered.:wink:

Ew no not Grimm, Arthur.

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My bad. Okay. :grin:

i hadn’t thought through the rules that much… uuuh… i’m gonna say no dupes just so we can get a good read on how people would build up.

also, in your yellow team, no Wu?

Yep, no Wu. because if you bring Wu, you need 2+ healers I and dont want to gamble with their specials. This is fast and easy route. and also fun because you get to bilnd people. Of course this is only for fun. Too lazy to think of strategy right now. Sorry, if this doesnt fit the theme of this thread.

Joon, Guinevere, Jackal, Vivica, Musashi


BT, Mariana, Ares, Natalya, Falcon (not necessarily in that order.

I found this Line-up today, seemingly all ready for this thread:

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But what I really want to know;
Has there ever been a challenge/ quest/ mission/ whatever that requires a team of one color? And for different star levels, not just fivers.

Lianna, Kadilen, Zeline, Belith.

Screw the fifth, i have a blonde-winged-elf-nymph team :face_with_monocle:

the fifth is friar tuck as he is also majestic

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No official one that I’ve seen, although different alliances sometimes make up their own challenges. Some of those have been posted here on the Forum.:wink: