If you could create a future season, what would you base it off of?

A futuristic space realm would be really fun. I could imagine the unique art, and creative new content that could arise with this idea.

It could be based on the Ottoman Empire, it could be the Timurid Empire, it could be the Mongolian Empire, the Persian Empire.

New event for atlantis after update

Or… It could be about the next blockbuster trilogy :woman_shrugging:t3:

Haven’t read all the comments and thoughts that have been portrayed for a new season but one that’s always stuck out in my imagination is most definitely a Dragon based theme.
There are so many different ways you could base it upon for the foundation of the dragon heroes themselves.
My first thought was an Elemental based Dragon hero collection

  • Red= fire. Slower mana but around 230% dmg and an uncleansable fire damage
    -Blue=Ice. average mana but 260% dmg to target and near by enemies. Freezes enemies for 2-3 turns
    Yellow= lighting. Fast only 290 damage cuz it hits all adjacent enemies. Original target can’t gain mana for 2-3 turns or reduced mana by like 10-20 %
    Green= earth /nature very slow mana but hits all enemies with 260% dmg and and summons a nature dragon minions that reduces enemies mana by 10% on each hit.
    Purple= Dark. Average mana and hits target with 430% and has mindless effect that hits a random enemy ally when full mana and reduces max heath by 250 hp
    Idk just a thought and could possibly add a passive effect or something like that!
    Also the dragons could be designed with knights or something like that with them to add some character.
    Just figured there was no real dragon based heroes so that’s my most recurring hero season in my head lol :innocent:

I would base it off my own life: a laziness and procrastination themed season.

The first stage would be a night club’s or a bar’s entrance, and tapping on the “fight” button would take you directly to the final boss, who’d be my sweet baby sister.

She would just hand you the completion rewards and the coins you were supposed to collect along the way. And if she likes you, she would add 1,000 giant food bundles, because she’s that nice and she’s the greatest cook on planet earth.

All heroes would have a passive “50% chance of autowinning the battle/50% chance of refusing to go to battle because they don’t feel like it.” They wouldn’t have any special skill, due to the passive making speciall skills completely irrelevant.

In retrospect, I believe not becoming a video game developer was a sound decision…


No ducks? :thinking:

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:joy: I don’t want people to think I’m a one trick pony and I’m trying to be responsible by doing everything I can to limit the DUCK-22 pandemic, which seems highly contagious.

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Ponies are cute…

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Our heros get lost on the way home from their current journey and end up in strange city where they run into some troubled youths. After a few battles with these youths, they come to realize they are just misunderstood and team up with them to help them train to win a dance competition against the actual bad guys. If they lose the bad guys will be able to tear down the local community center and put up luxury condos.

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I already hate those bad guys so much. Make it happen SGG!

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I would base the cards on zynga staff special skills and abilities to inflict brain damage to players
How to make boards rigged
How to come up with new heroes every 2 seconds
How to make money over turns
How to ignore the community over 5 years
Ofc zynga owners cards would be 5* and you must sell 3 kidneys to maybe pull them
Zynga devs 4*
Zynga lower employees 3*

Except Poseidon already exists

I still haven’t changed my mind and I would like to see heroes based on zodiac signs, planets, stars and constellations. We don’t have to send our beloved heroes to space. After Dunes, while going back home they could find a portal or accidentally open it or fall through a whirlpool and get to another dimension.
I can see heroes names Scorpio, Gemini, Virgo or Mercury, Neptune or Orion, Andromeda and so on.


I think they are using that season in another mobile game already :slightly_smiling_face:

I would seriously like to see season not based on overexplored material or, at the very least, with an original twist.
As far as I know it could be the aim of the current season, but I would like something based on the quest for the Nile’s spring.
The Travels of Marco Polo, the quest for the 8000ers, since Assassin’s Creed we are probably late for Alamut but that material could be declined a lot better.
We could also have a storyline merge between Inferno and Morpheus myth where Vivica is killed and our heroes have to descend into hell to rescue her and she would be in ghost form as long as players don’t do that, I mean, it would nice if storylines actually affected heroes because, as it stands, they are so flat…

Hell, even Richard giving up on Elena and Vivica to run a farm of his own with the help of Cheerful Charlie (an ex vietcong who loves to bring bad news), a toddler (Pixie) with a traitor (Loki) and a gibberish talker with a passion for walls (Donald :blonde_man:t3:who also happens to have a costume version ready :clown_face:) could work.

My wife plays a slot game from Zygna based on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Wouldn’t surprise me if we saw that.

Attack of the Food beings. Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Lettuce, all types of food come to life and attack people.

Base it on the different monies of the world that people will have to spend to get the legendaries. Dollar Man, Euro Lady, etc.


As there are a lot of fantasy movies both new and old involving kids fighting adult crimes and fantasy adventures and somehow they always seem to win using strange weapons and gadgets.

WHY NOT create a season based on a kids fantsy theme with kids as heroes using strange weapons and gadgets etc.

This may even entice that age bracket to the game more.

Hust a thought.

Galaxy! Some mysterious planet will be found out there, and Richard, Vivica, and Elena will go there through the black hole. Looks fun!