If you could change 1 thing in the game, what would it be? And why/how?

If I could change one thing about the game, it would be that S.G. would read and act upon some of the many things the players ask for in this thread as well as the “Ideas and Features” forum.


Silver tokens/daily free draws should have a tiny chance of 4* troops and heroes, and an even tinier chance of a 5* and HotM. This would add a lot of incentive for daily play and some excitement to those plentiful stupid silver tokens, at very little expense to SG if implemented at like a 0.1% 5* (or 4* troops) rate and 0.6% 4* rate. This would make 4* heroes as rare as a seasonal 5*, and make 5* appear at only 1/6 that already low rate


I totally agree! I was thinking about this the other day! People would love to watch wars go down, and just be able to observe things when all out of things to do. (Developers take note: This would keep people engaged and logged in to the game longer, spending more money)

If we talk to the developers in terms the understand aka making money, we might get some of these features. But lately they seem to charge gems for everything they implement so if they charged us to watch, I doubt it would happen much.

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You know @Petri i think what really blows my mind, is that you guys even planned and took precaution not to screw up and still managed to :poop: the bed.

“Let’s make sure we dont allow stronghold upgrades and higher titans until everyone has the update so it’s fair that everyone gets started on those at the same time”

And yet here we are, still getting screwed. Just a heads up next time would be nice, I’d like to make sure i have my best shade of lipstick on when I’m gettin f’d


If they absolutely must monetize every aspect, they could add it to the VIP package, but that would be missing a chance at increasing engagement (engagement=$$$) and the free marketing that comes with increased engagement.

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Or at least communicate back, to indicate they 1) read the idea and 2) are either rejecting the idea (and why) or that they are working on implementing the idea.

It’s been 375 days since they last updated their forum topic on this:

“We will update this regularly”…
“Updated 31 Aug, 2018”…

I know I’m bad in math, but do you think 375 days ago constitutes as “regularly”?


A new kind of flag called “sparring” or so, allowing you to attack yourself or your Alliance mates.

It could have even more uses than the mere testing of teams, we could even arrange internal tournaments.


A New thread! What would you change/release in the current game version? Maybe we can convince the devs :wink:


Convince the devs lol, now that’s funny.

Similar post already exist here


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Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:


I pulled 33 heroes today at the Event Summon… all my gems… the result: 1 Elena, 1 Merlin, 2 Caedmons, 3 Buachans… and the rest all 3*. Not even 1 hero of 5* of Avalon, not the HOTM!!! just Elena that can be taken form de training camps… I feel angry… I wan’t to quit this game… what to change??? THIS MUST CHANGE… money for nothing is an insult… but I have learned the lesson… I can’t expect good things, keep on as a free player, what else? If the money invested would gave me good heroes… for sure I wolud be spending more money! but I am not wasting one mo resingle dollar in shi…

You do understand that the odds of pulling the HOTM in 33 pulls is still pretty low, right?


Issue is that most dont quit spending…

They keep chasing

1 big slot machine


yes… but… some people just use one epic hero token… and… they take de HOTM in one single shot… so… I dont understand… but it’s ok… I accept it, numbers are numbers

I already mentioned my one thing, but at the time of this post I am feeling the pain of leveling a new 5* with limited free roster space. So, my new suggestion (if not already posted somewhere in the last 205 posts) is to eat feeders directly out of the training camps.

Painful to move small numbers of heroes from tc to roster to hero and repeat. Skip the middle step - tap the hero, tap level up, tap the training camp, slide the slider to choose how many to eat.

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How about drawing a 5* every decade or so. three of us each pulled 50 heros… that’s 150 draws and but a single 5*… That’s boosheat.

If you have money then your most valuable resource is time. I think it is the best way to spend gems. finish some building before leaving to work or skipping time from chest missions. This way you keep supporting the game and don´t get frustrated due to the cruel casino disguised in summoning portal.

Related to other matters, I am completely agree that field aids need some changes. For example: the healing upscale makes almost imposible for low players to perform kills over high weakened players, making them almost useless in wars.

My stupid face when I made 40 summons and no 5*.

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This was especially painful during the 2* tournament when I only had 3 free slots left (and my 5-stack 1-1 Layla really didn’t help me that much). I saved too many 2*, half of which I didn’t even use. Normally I have 20+ slots free.

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